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Chakra, Astral, and Entanglement question in one

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Well, lately I've been doing chakra work with a 'shaman-like' accupuncturist, and have been 'charging' my chakras a lot (and a LOT tonight before I went out, I tried astral projecting to no avail but got my chakra energy flowing), but anyway, I went out with some friends and when I got picked up I asked if we could go get some food real quick and I suggested wendy's, and someone in the car said they swore they knew I was going to say that before I did. This is just a small part of what i'm going to say. So we go to this party and I hang out with my gf and some friends and we kiss and cuddle and whatnot, but I'm slowly having second thoughts about her and tonight they really popped into my head. On the way from the party she's driving really dirty coz its a curvy road and I kept thinking wow shes driving dirty and she stopped and said 'guys sorry i'm driving really dirty tonight', and then I start thinking about how I'm considering breaking it off with her because I'm not that happy with her and then she just gets in this really bad/weird mood the rest of the drive and like when she drops me off I knew something was wrong and I asked her but she said she's just really tired, but i KNEW it was something emotionally wrong. What i'm really wondering is, could all this chakra and astral work I've been doing lately effecting my vibes sent out to people? Are people reading my thoughts more clearly? Are people consciously entangled with me easily now? What is up, this whole night was truly paranormal. Any feedback would be nice.


You already know the answer to those questions, or you wouldnt be here.


I don't KNOW the answers, i'm just asking have people experienced these type of happenings before? Like being 'mind-read' easier after doing chakra work? I honestly could not believe that it was my thinking that put her in a bad mood, when I hadn't said one word or made one hint that I didn't like her last night.