The "Quiet Noise"

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Does anyone know what the noise that you hear when it's dead quiet is? It's not actually a noise, it almost sounds like it's coming from inside your ears. On rare occasions, when I go to sleep, if it's dead quiet, this noise from inside my ears disturbs me, because it can get really loud. It also kind of comes in waves... where its moderate-low-LOUD-moderate-LOUD... and if I focus on it, I can keep it a really loud point.

I don't get this often, but when I do, it has to be absolutely quiet, or I won't even notice it.

Does anyone what this is?


Yes, i percieve the exact same thing. I posted on this a few days ago, here's my thread on it:

You say it has to be dead quiet for you to even notice it, but next time you hear it, or next time your trying to sleep, look out for it and you should notice it. Try and let it get louder and raise it's pitch. I can raise it until it is really intense and gets deep inside my head.

Post if you experiment with this with your results.


could someone explain this and how its different from tenitus (sp?)
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Yeah, once when I was very small we were in the classroom and the teacher asked everyone to be as quiet as possible so that we could appreciate the silence. We did, and it became so loud inside my head that I couldn't believe, I thought I'd gone deaf, I looked around and no one else seemed to be hearing what I was hearing, so I just kept quiet about it :)
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That sounds awful. I love to be in total silence, for the silence. I rarely get it.


I found the closest example to the sound that I could.

Turn a TV on... without any channel... put it on TV Video.. and the noise the TV makes when it's just on is similar to what I hear in dead silence. Except it's inconsistant in volume.


its just like timitus and everynoe has it. tinitus is just more extreme. your ears are stimulated all the time but normally this is filtered out. mostly even in silence you have to focus on it to hear it consciously. but i wouldnt worry if it comes on its own and grows really loud sometimes. its like with the ticking of a clock: mostly its filtered out but sometimes it grows that loud that you nearly pray for the clock to stop!
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There are at least two sounds which our body makes all the time, but we do not normally hear, becuase we perceive it as white noise, or other sounds drown it out: the sound of blood going through the circulatory system, especially in our inner ears, and minor pulstations of the tympanum which are normally drowned out by other sounds.

My guess is you hear one or the other, or both.
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That's pretty cool, though I don't even focus on it in silence to start hearing it, the moment everything goes quiet... "ssssss" (but it's quiet, nothing annoying), it's just those random times when I go to sleep and it's uncontrollably loud. But I turn fans on so those put to me sleep.

Maybe it's possible to use it to get into relaxed states, if I throw all my focus on it and forget about everything else on me.


Sorry for the lack of knowlage but what is tinnitus? I get the high pitched sound when all other sound is gone... Its there all the time its just incredibly hard to actually hear it or concentrate on it when other noises are around. It can change in tone, or moreso i can hear what seems to be deeper ones higher ones... it doesn't seem as if its changing more that im just hearing something else.

someone once told me that it is the sound of molecules rubbing together...

Also when i concentrate on it for a while i start hearing really random things like dogs barking, footsteps, unrecognisable voices and the like... all of which seem distant and come from no particular direction.


Hmmm I keep hearing that too but for some reason I can't control it