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Taming the EGO, thanx XANTH

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I have been struggling with the "ego" issue for sometime.

I was always reading about getting rid of the ego, ignoring the ego, how the ego is evil and bad and so on but then in another thread I read XANTH's explanation on learning to exist with the ego and accept others' egos as well, the ego can be a good companion if treated right

just reading that is like lifting a huge weight off my shoulders because now I see it as something that is part of me but instead of dominating me into arguing, buying, stressing, over things to make me feel good which is only temporary now I just see it as something I need to tame.  instead of arguing I may compromise or even give in because in the end "winning" an argument just gives you a temporary high but the one who gave in and just let go of the argument may be at peace not even thinking about it.  Let the EGO take over in an argument and taht is how families are torn apart, brothers, sisters don't talk for years because they let their egos take over and no one gave in, hey that is how wars are even started.

If I'm walking down the sreet and I see a pair of shoes I like which in my mind will make me think I will stand out in the crowd, people will admire me, put me in a pedestal because of the wonderful shoes; well that is the EGO saying you need to spend that money and buy those unnecessary shoes because social acceptance matters; who cares if you will go into debt, or that you will spend rent money on it.

Yeah there will be that temporary high of having those expensive shoes, feeling important but a couple of days later you realize "Oh crap, now I don't have money for the rent" and even if the money is no issue, I'm sure that the expensive shoes will mae their way into some corner only to be replaced by the next expensive thing.

But if we control this ego and let go of the assumption that I must have "something" to be accepted then that is liberating.

just wanted to write my thoughts, it's like finding a piece for a puzzle you've been looking for

Thanks once again XANTH


You're very welcome.

It's always nice when something "just clicks" and all the pieces start falling into place. 

You did it all by yourself though.  :)

It's amazing how much life just flows when you stop struggling against it and just go with it.  :)