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UNDER 18 AP goers

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hi I'm Chris from London england Ive only been learning about AP and obe for about half a month now but il get there lol  :lol:


I'm 15 and umm.. 5 months =D, no astral projection success yet but I feel the process has helped me a lot and I've made a lot of progress since I started (Middle of Nov 04).. I wont give up!  :D
Hmm.. wait,
forgive me, my memory is awful :P I've been at it since early October 04..
(And yes, so awful I cannot remember waking up this morning! O.o)


Hey I fall in this category! I am almost 16 and I have been practicing astral projection for about 2-3 years and also hypnosis. I have rarely ever experienced it though, only once or twice. I saw someone on here in Virginia. Funny. Anyway, I'm here.


seems there are more around my age group than what i thought, i assumed almost all were in their 20's+ here


I'm Prolatrevol / 17 / Male / USA (MA) I wanna AP really bad i also don't want to wake up so early in the morning to get ready for boot camp.


HI i'm tiberseptim, 16, and a guy. I got into AP this summer when i started exploring the rest of the occult (yes AP part of the occult). No success yet, all i can get to is when your body starts to fall asleep, but then my mind goes nuts because i get so excited. o well


I'm 15 from NY, and this is awesome to see so many people into this. I've had vibrations and an OBE before, but with school and stuff I really haven't had time to work on AP. :(  

So right now its just chakra stuff and meditation until break.


Wow, I'm 22 and the oldest person posting here.  Jeeze, this has never happened to me before.

It's funny, I spend time with my wife's siblings, they're 14 and 16, and it's like, I never expected to be old enough to give someone advice on stuff.

Anyway, I feel really lucky, I mean seriously blessed even that I found out about the expansive nature of reality when I was 20.  I could have found out when I was 80!  I have my whole life ahead of me to explore the nature of all that is, and of myself.  It's fantastic.

Never forget though.  AP is just a single facet of our potential.  A really neat friggin facet fo sho, but the real purpose of it all is to explore ourselves, find out more about ourselves, our potential, and how to live life fully.  Watch how you react in situations, notice your fears and what things you avoid.  Life is just a quest to live fully, to overcome our fears and stop loathing ourselves for our inaction.  The best worship is to be happy, totally happy.  In the stream of life.  So, I look on AP as a goal, but overcoming my own limitations is another, more important and encompassing goal.

I can't wait to AP though, only been practicing a few months, and not really that thoroughly.  I do a lot more energy work than AP practice.  It'll happen when it happens, I say.


i'm 21 i don't think i'm that old gee -_-


Wow, theres alot more younger people here than I had thought. I'm 16.


they say it gets harder to ap the older you get, i dont believe that i just think that the older you get the more busier you get and simply dont have the time
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im 17 in vancouver, canada and what got me into AP and stuff was wanting to know more about whats out there and to explore and expierence the astral. actualy really when i think about it, to escape the physical.


Hey , my name's Eric , I'm 16  from London , i play guitar , and i love anything to do with the paranormal , so ......... , anyways , i had a had a really weird lucid dream , it was so real !!!!!!! , if ya wanna know about it just tell me  :D


Of course we want to know dude! :D


Thanks for making this a Sticky whichever moderator did it!

Come on Eric!  Tell us ur dream!

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Well,my body is only 14.5 years of age...
But my behavior does not fit my age,so I'm a special case. :?
Ohh,and I unwillingly started a cult at school...
the normal people were interested in what I knew so I shared with them my knowlege about what I have learned here.
now they all think I'm their "grand sensei" and always keep coming to ask me for advice and do everything I say...they even go around convincing others to join!
this is what happens when a mind such as mine is granted the knowlege,and then shares it...
pity I don't consider myself being a good "grand sensei"  :(
My single,enternal to be truely free.


konichiwa!  (not that I can speak Japanese), let me share something!

I had 2 spontaneous OBEs on Saturday morning and I fell through my bed!  No, I didn't break it, but it was hell fun, the falling part but it was all jerky but I'm so proud of me!  *Andali hugs herself with glee*

A note to everyone else here, I set up a forum for Under 18 (and those 18 in spirit), for u guys:

Create a log in and start posting!  Be the first one!  I dare u!

~*~*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate...*~*~



I think I first signed up here when I was around 13 or 14.  I lost my original username and I signed back up with this one.  I am now 15 and I have just recently got a copy of Astral Dynamics but I had got real busy right after I bought it so I only got a chance to read the first section.  I don't post much as you can see, but anyways HI.


Oh, my second or 3rd obe was of falling through my bed! Scared the life out of me but it was great!



My 2nd and 3rd were falling through my bed, on my stomach, straight into the RTZ on the same day/morning.  My first was a semi projection where I got halfway then was pulled back, ran outta energy or something.

*sigh* I hate how elusive they are, though I loved falling (probably the only way I like to fall).  I made the error of commenting about it to a friend, and now she keeps asking , "did you fall through the bed again?"  Grrr...  Actually, most people I've mentioned it to are AP incompetent and ask me if the bed broke!  :P

~*~*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate...*~*~



People like that are a bit frustrating aren't they, Andali?
I'm 15, and I joined the astralpulse forum because I had been into stuff like meditation since I was 11, and because of the school i went to at the time (I now go to a different one) I couldn't share my experiences with anyone.  I still normally don't, but the astralpulse is a great place to do that.  :D  I've projected, but I can't do it on purpose yet.  I projected several times when I was little, twice randomly about two years ago, and have had messed up-not full projections a couple times while trying to project since then.  I don't have that much time anymore with school, tho.  I don't get enough sleep, let alone time to ry and AP.
This was a really great topic to start! :) I didn't know that there wer so many people under 18 here.  :wink: And I like smilies :lol:


wow i haven't been posted to the forums in a good 4-5 months! happy to be back. anywho, im 17, will be 18 in may!
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I am 15 years old. And I'm a girl just in case anyone was wondering.
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I'm 15 and I've been into this for a few months now. I'm also an introvert. I got Astral Dynamics and read the thing until I basically memorized it. Even then with all my knowledge of the subject I didn't see any real progress. Probably a lack of effort.Since I haven't  seen any notable amount of progress I sort of stopped doing everything. I've been learning more about myself recently and the reason I might be into this so much is because I have a personality disorder of some kind. I don't know when I'll start energy work and meditation again. Soon I hope.


Hey, I'm 13 years old.  Im very interested in this kind of stuff.  I want to learn how to Lucid Dream often.  I just think it's cool to think outside the box. :P
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