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What do you know?

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Quote from: Xanth on August 31, 2012, 18:52:12
Yes, but one can *say* it... and not really know it.  Get it?  :)

A lot of people lie successfully to themselves.

I'm lying to myself saying that 'I am'? Strange views you have.   :-(


Quote from: Volgerle on September 01, 2012, 06:53:16
I'm lying to myself saying that 'I am'? Strange views you have.   :-(
Nono, it wasn't a statement... it was a question for you to ask yourself.

The second line was a statement, but a general one not directed at anyone.  :)

Get it?  :)


Quote from: Xanth on September 01, 2012, 10:55:05
Nono, it wasn't a statement... it was a question for you to ask yourself.

The second line was a statement, but a general one not directed at anyone.  :)

Get it?  :)

Yeah, I see what you mean. Imv, this thread also is about sth which was not worded yet: Intuition.

There is two kinds of 'knowing'. Intellectual knowledge which is mostly gained during every life, especially after you leave the 'trance'-brain state you naturally have as baby / toddler / little child, and then start to (re-)discover this physical world.

But then there is the deep knowing at a being-level (or heart leavel or intuitive level, however you call it). I am sure that it has arisen (or was there) much earlier in our lives and then has been pushed back more and more by the left-brain intellectual knowledge, be it by a natural process of acclimatisation to physicality or by societal indoctrination (or both).

Regressive hypnosis (and I read a multitude of transcriptions and accounts by now) shows that we as babies-toddlers do have this intuitive knowledge ("knowing"). It is NOT lost at birth as most assume. We are NOT a blank slate when we come here, at least not subconsciously. Maybe that's another reason why babies cry so much. It's not just their helpless un(der)developed bodies, but the "insight" that they must be giving up piece by piece of their inner spiritual knowing when "here".

Later as adults it is driven back into the subconscious, more and more, deeper and deeper. For some people it is buried deep, very deep so that they cannot find it during their entire life.

The "I am-was-willbe"-knowledge/-knowing is deep intuition for me. It was always there. I had this as a child although I cannot attest to it for my toddler years since I have not the memory anymore. But as a very young child I "knew" by intuition about certain things, which many other children seemed not to know or care about (possibly). I've written sth about this intuitive spiritual knowing a while ago here:;msg293804#msg293804

I have kept the child in me alive a little til this very day (we all should, this is also a general advice given by many spiritual teachers), so this is why I can say that "I am" and a few other things concering metaphysics or personal philosophy come from the child-like intuitve / being-level "knowing" (not knowledge as intellectual information gathering) "in" me.

There is no need for "skeptical" analysis or discussion actually in order to come to a conclusion to support this or that 'hypothesis'. I just "know". Some skeptics might call me delusional but this is what happens to people who "know" at a being level in this world. It is okay, we have to make friends with this. Maybe we even took this into account before we came here in the first place. Being constantly called "delusional" is a challenge in itself.

So, in a nutshell: This intuition / "knowing" just IS. It is not gained, it was there before and was kept alive at my core of being and will stay with me after this life's journey has ended and hopefully brought over to any other physical experience I might embark on in future times (provided I do).


Nice post Volgerle, you just "know" things. No real idea how even if you come across something completely new. It's a fact that you simply "know". Words fail when asked how, it's almost instinct.
I would guess many on this site have this too. It may be part of our human evolution. You'd certainly make less bad decisions in a survival setting. Maybe its very old and explains why we are here today...
Interesting thought.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.