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Morning experiences

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So this morning I woke up terrified feeling some dark force and then it felt like someone lifted my bed cover. After feeling terrified in the physical for a while I realized it was just sleep paralysis, im not even afraid of it but there is often "this bad feeling". I didn't really realize what it actually was until I woke up as my mind was a bit fuzzy. I figured that I should just relax and go to sleep and maybe Ill have another chance and if so I'll roll out. So what happened is I woke up in the vibrations hearing them and increasing them. Strange enough recently it affects my physical ears when doing this lately... Then I kind of got out except for that I kept spinning my body around my head in a circle and saw my bed very vividly as I was spinning around my head.... Strangely enough my room and bed changed color as I was spinning around.. haha I was very aware and had a physical like vision but clearer as I concentrated on the textures of my bed.. It seems physical illness is felt when I get to the vibrational state..? Am I wrong? Im also curious why I sometimes end up sinning around my head(physical heads location)., maybe it is still stuck in the within the physical? Also interesting that when I just decide to relax in the morning without really caring if I get an opportunity to exit I will often get it, but if I care at all it will usually not happen. It is like when you don't care the universe has exit written in stone.


Interesting. I start to be with the theory that if you are not in the need or want to project, that's when it happens lol (still nothing). Strange. I learnt to stop frocing things in the pyhsical life too since a while, maybe it is equal to the "exits" to NP. I've read some of these stories about first projections and it is like you are concentrating on something else (a voice or music source) and your brain doesn't think on AP-ing and then bam! You are there... I still just partly understand this and maybe it will be the best for me too. :D
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