One on One Retrieval.

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It starts with a message from those in the void.

NP> An unexpected comment from ?, 'The sleeper awakes ?' A feeling of happiness from who/whatever communicated this.
NP> placed in the middle of a road on a cycle at 50+ mph. ( this gave superb clarity reflecting from my fitness days) I carried on pedaling like a madman and realised someone was trying to catch up.
It was a warm fine day and the road was clean, wide and not busy. A downhill slope which I had to my advantage. I didn't recognise this place but everything seemed cosy.
I stopped, he did too after skidding and nearly crashing into me. He was pssd off with me for some action I took decades ago on his family. I could only remember the basics and they were all bad people.

from the early 80's...
{His family, probably not real were operating a version of soul trading of sorts. I was captured by them while partly lucid and woke up in a dark room with lots of others, they were all really scared. Hell ensued as they attempted to restrain me.  I was far more powerful than all of them and all were 'arrested' and sent to a suitable locale to learn of their mistakes. One young lad watched and I thought nothing of it.}

Back to today...
He was trying everything in his power to get inside my head. Shouting, threatening my family, the usual thing. The idiot doesn't know what he'll find so I gave him some scenes from the Badlands and imprinted to 'shut the hell up or I'll send him there'. He complied immediately. His jaw needed picking up. After reading him he wasn't sure of what had gone on in the past and he now knew. An angry and malicious lad was seeing the truth for the first time ever.
I had to let him know that his temperament may have side effects, this he will learn from. The most important message was to 'listen to yourself'. He reflected on this and I saw a change within. (He had been coerced into a false belief which was destroying his existance in his alpha reality. The next step removal,  not his fault, his actions were against the ambience of the locale and removal or worse would have occured. All his suffering from believing the lies and deciet of others would have landed him a locale full of the same mindset. Not any more, even though he hated me with a vengeance and did express this with tactile action.)
There was a few mins of fighting prior but that stopped when I got bored with the futility. It was entertaining though, the word livid was being administered against me with anything he thought would do damage. I stood there solid until his tantrum dissipated. Then entered his mind...
Not done a one on one for a while.
I'm back online and hopefully something larger requires attention.
I hate these dry spells.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 This sounds like one of those Retrievals where "tough Love" is the only answer. These really create deep feelings and normally leave you questioning your solutions.

Thanks for sharing Szaxx!  :-)


I'm confused. Was this a retrieval in the normal sense or was it just a punk kid that needed to know what was up?

I suppose if you changed his attitude than you did him a great service because punks tend to only stay static or worse they devolve.
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


The kid was lied to when young. His carers were taken away from him by my hand. He wasn't happy with that and the strong resentment ensued. Wherever he went, his carers were not the original ones. Having latched on to those, nothing else will do. The hate developed into a negative mindset and threatened his existance in his locale. He became a misfit, this wasn't tolerated by those there and removal to some hellish place would have occured. I  missed this kid in the doorway originally, I took the group of 'traders' to another locale where I knew they had to be placed. I think I left the scene then. It was long ago and many others have been dealt with since then. Perhaps the kids mind needed an imprint, I'm not sure, he made the decision to be vengeful. A wrong one but he's safe now.
I've said before that any actions taken are based on a reason. At times these actions are extreme. The reason behind them has to be found or no cure can exist. You can treat the symptom but not cure it by skimming the surface. Lazy attitudes cause cancer, you'd end up failing, we all know thats not an option.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.