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Cheers Natural Mystic! This sounds to me like a very powerful shamanic vision, possibly a past-life regression. The details you describe are reminiscent of Amazonian shaman initiation rites, and the fact that you received this vision while fully conscious is impressive. I'm curious as to how much experience with visions, magical practice, and consiousness raising you have (I myself am currently more of a dabbler than a serious student). This vision may indicate strong natural talents on your part based, perhaps, on experience in previous incarnations. Anyhoo, that's my two cents. Best wishes on your future endeavors, and I look forward to hearing more!

Natural Mystic


Happy New Year to you and many thanks for your response. Maybe it is past life regression I have always had an affinity with South America.  In response to your query, I am definitely a complete novice when it comes to visions etc but have had several very powerful experiences. I used to meditate regularly but found myself astral traveling and I guess the fear of the unknown and my own ignorance of the subject halted my progress.  Have found that when I meet people for the first time I do seem to be able to tap into their auras and past links and how that affects their present situation but rarely mention these things, as I do not wish to infringe upon anyone's privacy.  Though sometimes the connection is instant and two ways, have found that with friendships etc this helps both parties to understand the very nature of our link and purpose.

As for magical practice, have read widely regarding magic but only ever utilize this knowledge when visualizing a positive outcome for future events. How about you, how do you view your own journey?

Hope this answers your questions and once again many thanks for your input.

Love and Light

Natural Mystic


Rhythmic drumming is one of the oldest and most celebrated methods for entering trance states, opening the door to the other worlds and revealing what lies beneath the surface of our lives.  

You met your spirit animal totem/guide and here is some of what jaguar medicine represents:   "Jaguar is power and expression.  It is the gift of vision and conveys the ability to see at night and to look into the dark part of the human soul.  This cat knows the heart of man, hence is rarely fooled by people.  Jaguar implies "forewarned is forearmed".  Others see Jaguar as a threat. He is born with the knowledge of future events.  When Jaguar appears, secrets are afoot. The power of this cat bestows the strength for battle if battle is required.  Jaguar individual is a loner, partly out of preference, largely because others find his presence disturbing.  Jaguar will oten be nominated as a leader, but sacrifices his much prized privacy.  Jaguar's element is the Underworld"  (from Animal Wisdom).

An instructor in Shamanic Journeying can teach you how to journey safely.



The only thing I can add is to not let the importance of this experience escape you.  I too had some strong experiences, and decided to let them go, much to my later regret.

A person receives an experience like this when they are ready.  Your level of development, state of mind, and walk in nature at the river must have made been a powerful alighnment to show you this.

Treasure it.  Explore it.  Relive it.
Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.


Hi Natural Mystic,

I read your post and it sounds like Conscious Past Life Review. If you would like to try My Past Life Hypnosis Script I can send it to you to try.

You can actually have a friend over that you feel comfortable with and that person can read the script to you. Its very easy to do, if so write to me and let me know.

Frank (hypnotist)

Natural Mystic

Hello everyone,

Im a new member and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could explain the following experience to me or provide me with any insights with which to understand the symbolism behind this recent experience. I was walking beside a river and had a strange tingling and felt as though my state of reality was altering, i rushed home and sat in my room and began to drum on some bongos which a friend had left lying around (Not something I have ever used before). Suddenly I was aware that i had changed into a small boy with orangeish skin and dark thick roughly chopped hair, I felt that this boy was frightened and apprehensive. (I was still aware of being myself and in my room but it was though there was a movie screen in front of me and i could see and feel that two, as if there were two seperate realities merging into one. The boy -(Myself) was in a lush rainforest and a shadowy spirit like figure of an older man passed me an animal skin which I did not want around me - (Probably something to do with being a veggie in the here and now) The animal skin was feline and very dark and as it fell upon me i could feel the sensation of it merging with my body and my heart beat increaswed, my vision and hearing also heightened.  I slowly merged with the animal skin and felt myself moving as if on all fours, then curiosuly i was walking with two large paws in front of me, the strange thing is that i was also druming and fully aware of that reality too, as i drummed in one reality the animal me walked in perfect unison with the rythm of the drumming.  I felt a total and complete oneness with both parts of myself and the sensation of becoming the animal was very vivid I could feel, hear, see and smell as though i was that animal.  Eventually I felt light headed and the animal reality ceased and I was left very dazed and feeling very close to the ground, and heavy as if I had been astral travelling.  The animal was very dark almost black with spots like a jaguar.  Now all of this happened in a waking state and has puzzled me for some time as it was not a visulisation or meditation as it commenced whilst I was out in the sunshne enjoying a walk in the countryside.

Anyway apologies for the lenghty account and I hope that someone would be kind enough to maybe help me to understand the bizzare experience.

Kindest Regards

Love and light

Natural Mystic