Is an AP during a dream, a real AP?

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On several occasions I've recollected an AP upon waking that occurred during a dream.  These APs seem the same as others that didn't involve dreaming, but were they a real AP or just a dream?  Here's an example:

Last night, upon waking, I recollected the following:  I was having a dream about being in a church with my wife and some others.  It was time for bed and I was tired and so I went into a bedroom in the church to sleep.  I was a bit annoyed that my wife, instead of coming with me, chose to stay up with the others.  I drifted off to sleep and the next thing I know I woke to vibrations (was I really having vibrations or dreaming I was having them?) and I sat up and out of my body and floated out to where my wife and several others were having a conversation in the church.  I floated into the middle of their group and they saw something and began freaking out a bit.  I tried to explain that it was just me but they apparently couldn't recognize that it was me and couldn't hear me.  I figured I had better go get back in my body and straighten the situation out with them.  I went back to my body and woke up.

That's all I remember and I don't remember whether I woke up in the dream or for real in my bed.  

So, did I actually AP or just dream of it?  And is it possible to wake up (in real life) and then AP back into a situation you were just dreaming about?

Curious if anyone else has these types of experiences?
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Many people get these kinds of experiences and it is only natural to question the "reality" of them. The question that often comes about is the classic, "Was this real or just a dream?" In this respect, people are making the assumption that the physical is the "real" reality against which they judge the realness of any other experience they may happen to have.

But a person's reality is wherever they happen to focus their attention. That is why, these days, I especially avoid the use of the term "reality fluctuations". I have used it in the past in a manner of speaking, but I specifically avoid using it at all now, as it can be highly misleading regardless of the context in which it is used. Quite simply, a person's reality cannot fluctuate. A person's reality simply is.

It is, however, natural to question the validity of any particular experience and to ask all manner of other questions. This is something I do with myself ALL the time. In fact, I would say that this is what separates the genuine explorer of the Wider Reality from the mystics. For mystics, by definition, love to revel in mysticism. Asking questions and delving into the experience in order to uncover the facts, to discover the simple truth, to roll up your sleeves and get down to the plain and simple nitty-gritty... doing that is all to do with dispelling mysticism... which is an anathema to the mystic, as it is contrary to everything they believe in, against everything they stand for.  

However, it is one thing to ask a question, and it is quite another thing getting an answer that makes sense. :)  Your situation neatly exemplifies the difficulties people often have when trying to come to terms with, or otherwise make sense of these experiences. In a nutshell, it all boils down to a question of focus. This is something Monroe's work highlighted to a great extent. In truth, reality is a question of focus. Hence, where you point your focus of attention becomes your reality.

In the old days they would try to get this idea across by pointing out classic questions like, "If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Okay, stuff like that is a bit old-hat now because we know it does, we can record it on tape. But when these kinds of questions were first being banded about there was no such thing as recording. So I guess that in their day these questions were quite effective in getting people thinking along the right lines. I always chuckle at the modern-day variant that says, if a man does something wrong and there isn't a woman around to point it out, does that mean he's right?

Anyhow, these days the more modern-day practitioners of this art tend not to think in terms of certain kinds of realities being any more, or any less "real" than any other. They think in terms of "focus" and "attention".



Well Frank....A woman is now on the scene!! 8)  ....but I won't try to dictate that you are wrong! :wink:

In this, I think that what you say is very provocative (which has a better than average chance of 'being right'!!...JK!)  Your explanation certainly rings true, but is it really an explanation, or is it just a definition of terms?... I understand that to say --- "my reality includes" AP or Phasing or whatever we want to call it, as well as the many other things that I do thoughout my day --- is a correct and logical statement...for that is MY experience, hence, MY REALITY.  

But, how do we explain, or account for, a living reality that is not as easily accessed as my car, for instance, and includes other entities that I have no sure, consistantly predictable, way of contacting--except through an altered state of consciousness?  Are these experiences extraordinary dreams, or is our ability to claim this unique kind of reality as being our own just extraordinary circumstances?
Additionally, how do we account for 'the implications of a living reality' that is not shared by those around us? In other words, while my neighbors, family, friends and associates most definately share the more tangible aspects of my reality, they do not share this much more intimate aspect. More often than not, I feel as though I am straddling a chasm between, what seems to be, 'more than one world' -- 'more than one reality'.  One of which I can share with others, and the other I cannot.

How do you deal with this Frank?

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My response was largely in answer to the specific question asked in the opening paragraph of the original post, namely, "...These APs seem the same as others that didn't involve dreaming, but were they a real AP or just a dream?" [my italics]

This "realness" question is a popular beginner's question, as it happens, and my answer is largely the same in each case, i.e. it all boils down to the basic rule that where you point your focus of attention becomes your reality.

Against the background of the Wider Reality there is no area of consciousness, or point of individual focus that is any more or any less "real" than another. Obviously, as we are all here, the physical is our Resident Focus. Being such it has the effect of capturing our attention to a high degree. This effect, I agree, can certainly give the impression that the area of the physical is perhaps more "real" than any other. But this is merely a distortion and all Resident Focuses tend to have that effect on a person. People who are normally resident within Primary Focus 3 have the same kind of magnetic attraction to that Focus as we have within the physical.

I can see where you are going with this in introducing the idea of different categories of reality and noting various differences, for example, in terms of accessibility. On that basis it could be argued that a reality that was more accessible, perhaps, was more of a "real" reality than something that wasn't. I would suggest the differences in that context are not in terms of realness of reality, but in terms of the meaningfulness or the convenience that the event, phenomena or thing, presents to the individual in question. There is, of course, the other aspect where it could be argued that a thing, such as the Empire State Building, for example, is a reality and that such a reality exists independent of anyone focusing upon it.

But then this comes back to the age-old question of the tree falling in the forest.  

In the terms and the context in which my response was given, the concept of a person's reality is an all-encompassing notion that includes all minor categories and/or circumstances that an individual is focusing upon at any given moment. In other words, whatever a person happens to be focusing their attention upon becomes their reality. Individual reality, therefore, is a unique product of a person's perception that is highly dynamic and intrinsically focus dependent.

In closing you ask, "... how do we account for 'the implications of a living reality' that is not shared by those around us?" On the basis of my explanation above, an individual's reality is a unique and dynamic product of their perception and not something that can be shared in any event.

Your final explanations present me with a clue as to context and I feel you are talking in terms of there being a physical world, i.e. a physical reality, on the one hand, and a non-physical world, or non-physical reality, on the other. The knowledge of these two entities or "realities" some you can share with some people and some you feel you cannot share. But in this I feel we are speaking at cross-purposes. Again, I am specifically speaking in terms of individual reality, i.e. that part of a person's make up that is created by their perception at any given moment.





Okay, I have a few more questions then if you don't mind:

1)  Can we 'dream' of having an AP, or are 'all dreams' to a certain extent projection experiences?  (project=moving one's focus)

2) Do people who are 'resident within Focus 3' dream about us and have experiences that they too have to understand as temporary shifts in their focus, i.e., project/phase, that help explain certain experiences with us??

3) And finally, when we are experiencing 'them' are they also experiencing 'us' at the same time?

Thanks Frank,
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In answer to 1:

All dreams, by mere definition, must surely be "projection" experiences. Plus, I concur with your meaning of project. Although I tend to use the word shift, as in shift one's focus. But shift or move or whatever... it's the same difference.

The problem with dreams is people often get to thinking that dreams are all "in your head" so to speak. That you are in some way walking about in your brain. This faulty thinking unfortunately occurs as a result of people thinking the mind is somehow a product of the brain. It is actually the other way around. :)  This leads to people talking in terms of, "... I thought I was projecting... but it was just a dream." [emphasis on the just]

In this sense, a person is thinking that the only "real" projection is a projection of consciousness that would present the impression of being "out" of body. And this all boils down to the mistaken notion that there can possibly be such a thing as "out" of body.

Okay, I agree, that is exactly what it looks like. I know exactly what it looks like because I've done it many times. But as I have tried to make clear, thinking that you are "out" of your body because that is how it looks, is like monitoring the movement of the sun and concluding (as you would) that the sun moves around Earth. It is obvious the sun moves around Earth, anyone can see that it does. It is so obvious that people may conclude only an insane person could think otherwise. Well, science earns its bread and butter income cutting great swathes through that kind of thinking.

In terms of being distanced, in a sense, from the front-line physical, you are actually "further" from the physical, in a manner of speaking, than you are when projected within the area known as the real-time-zone. Personally I dislike using this term, as I've made clear before. There is no such thing as "real" time and it is not a "zone". But that's how people describe it so I tend to go along with it. But in the RTZ you are still within the physical, or Primary Focus 1 of my Phasing Model of consciousness. When you are dreaming you are focused within Primary Focus 2 of consciousness. In other words, you are more "out" of your body, in terms of being more focused away from it when dreaming than when projecting within the RTZ.

But, like I say, people tend to think that when dreaming you are within your brain somehow, and the only real projection is to get "out" of that entrapment and, in a sense "escape" from the clutches of your physical.

The thoughts people tend to muster from the culmination of thinking the above typically leads people into thinking that dreams are in some way disconnected from all of this. That they are weird kinds of mental aberrations that merely serve to get in the way and confuse the issue. Dreams actually go to forming our physical reality to a high degree. Plus, I have said many times that it is far easier to project into the RTZ from Primary Focus 2 of consciousness than it is to do from within the physical. Okay, it is still tricky but a darned sight easier in my view. All manner of stuff is easier too such as energy work.

Primary Focus 2 is a great launch-pad to experiencing all manner of things. But there is one big downer with PF2 that has trapped ever so many people in the past, and this has prevented them from exploiting the tremendous advantages this area can offer. In the past, people have unfortunately failed to realise PF2 is an area of individual consensus reality. Moreover, there are no boundaries or barriers within consciousness. Everything is connected in one continuum. Problem is people tend to get body-fixated. They think if they are in one area of consciousness then they cannot be in another area at the same time. So if you are dreaming, people think, then you can't be in the RTZ at the same time... why not? It all comes back to the thinking that dreaming is somehow "in your head" and people's misunderstanding of the way the Wider Reality is structured.

Fortunately, the more modern-day practitioners of this art are realising that all these experiences come about as a result of the enactment of a specific action-equation in consciousness. An equation that holds a particular balance between Beliefs, Desires, Intents and Expectations for any given Outcome. So when you look at the difference between a lucid dream or an astral projection, for example, both experiences come about from enacting the same basic action equation. The only difference being there is a slightly different balance in the equation elements that naturally leads to a different Outcome.

So same basic action, same basic area in consciousness, just a slightly different balance of elements in the underlying action equation.

That is also why it's one of the most popular questions, i.e. was this an astral projection or just a dream? Okay, let's put aside the "just" here as we've covered that. But realising how the two experiences are so very similar explains why this is one of the most popular beginner's questions. And it also explains why they is an ever growing school of thought that would suggest all astral projection experiences are, in fact, lucid dreams. I too would concur with this, but for the reasons I explain above.

Again, dreams (especially lucid dreams) and astral-projections are the same basic action taking place in the same basic area in consciousness, just with a slightly different balance of elements in the underlying action equation. This is precisely the reason why they are SO similar.

In answer to 2:

Please understand that Primary Focus 3 of consciousness is massive. Millions and millions of people live in this region. People I have met on the upper branches, as I call them, of this area, realise they have no need of sleep. However, I have come across people on the lower branches locked in a sleep-construct.

Some people, for instance, think that "death" is like going to sleep and never waking up. And so that's how it becomes for them. Until eventually, of course, after the equivalent of perhaps 500 of our years, they wake up and try to make sense of what has happened to them. They eventually end up wandering around and they'll meet others in a similar predicament and, after another 100-200 years or so equivalent, they perhaps gravitate to the higher branches, and so meet others who will be able to fill them in on what happened.

There is no need to eat yet loads of times I have come across people eating. There is no need to breath yet people still go through the motions of breathing. Some people think they will go to heaven or hell, and so they end up in a heaven or a hell of their expectations. In fact, there is no need to adopt a bodily form at all, but everyone does.

I met people on the upper branches who play around adopting different forms and things. But people generally adopt a bodily expression that is much like their previous physical. Until they come to realise there is no specific need. But there are untold numbers of people living their lives within Primary Focus 3 of consciousness who don't even realise they have died, physically. They simply carry on within the same construct they created for themselves within the physical. Only difference is they switched from Primary Focus 1 of consciousness to Primary Focus 3. I've met people who have been going through the same old loop for decades of our physical time, sometimes even for what looks like possibly a couple of hundred years or more. Some of the constructs you perceive could have been created by the person even a thousand years ago in our time equivalent.

Generally, however, you can shift your focus of mental attention to any area in consciousness from any other area. Provided, of course, the belief constructs you choose to adopt at any particular stage in the process would include an acceptance of you being able to do so. Else you wouldn't be able to. But that would be through choice, albeit inadvertently, and not through any general impossibility in the wider scheme of things.

In answer to 3:

Unfortunately this is impossible to say, as it would vary on a case by case basis. I imagine in some cases the answer would be always yes, some cases always no, coupled with every variation inbetween. I'm sorry I cannot be any more specific.


Ben K


you said " But there are untold numbers of people living their lives within Primary Focus 3 of consciousness who don't even realise they have died, physically"

Does this mean that they also have the same PEOPLE that interacted with them in their PF3 construct? If so are these people just constructs themselves?



The extraordinary physical sensations that come with a standard OBE seem to become 'proof' that what is occurring is actually an AP and not 'just a dream'.  

When these sensations are noticeably absent, it is easy to question 'the kind of experience' that occurred.  In other words, without the 'extraordinary' the experience seems so 'mundane'.  

Yet, even in the absence of the physical sensations, I find myself having to accept that I am somehow 'bypassing' this step and moving straight into another focus point.  

It is like having two distinctly different experiences:  one is 'to ride a super roller coaster' and the other is to merely 'blink your eye'.   The first is very heady stuff, but the latter is noticeably absent of physical sensation.  Of course, now that I think about this, is that the point?  In other words, do we need to learn how to 'wean ourselves' from physical sensation?

So, I guess the real question here is: are the distinctive marks of a standard OBE indicative of a 'RTZ' projection within Focus 1, or, can a shifting into Focus 2 or even 3 also occur in tandem with the extraordinary physical sensations?  If yes, then why are the physical sensations sometimes present and sometimes not?

Further extending Ben K's question:  how can I be sure that I have not already 'died' to this physical world and am just living in a Focus 3 construct of my own making?

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Hi Ben:

I have to be careful here to make clear that I have no way of knowing how representative my Primary Focus 3 experiences are in this respect. Quite simply, the area is HUGE. So say I have had experience with 2 thousand people on the lower branches, as I call them, of the PF3 tree. This 2 thousand may account for 10% of people (highly unlikely!), 1%, or 0.0000000000001% (perhaps looking more likely). I really have no way of knowing. Well, not yet at any rate.

So when talking about what happens, please realise I currently have no way of knowing how representative my experiences are. What I can say is my experiences broadly tally with both the experiences of Robert Monroe and Bruce Moen. Plus, all manner of experience is represented there.

Within Primary Focus 3, a mystic will typically see all manner of fantastic mysticism. A religious zealot will see all manner of religious zealotry, members of the fluffy-bunny brigade will see fluffy bunnies galore, and all manner of other circumstances are represented. Not that there is anything inherently wrong in this. Each to their own I suppose. The problems have only arisen due to one bunch of mystics or religious zealots claiming that their particular slant on reality is the only one or the "right" one. When in reality none of them are right at all.

When you come to learn how the subjective structure is actually set out, within the lower branches of PF3 absolutely every action, idea or thing is represented, no matter how whacky and wild it may be. Eventually, of course, people move on from engaging in this kind of action. They get it all out of their system and gradually gravitate to the upper branches of this area. They may revel in some hollow-heaven for what we would gauge as a time period, which could range from just months to maybe a thousand years, or whatever. There are no time constraints as there is simply no time.  

Now, as regards the people I have come across engaged in some kind of construct, yes, from what I have seen they create the characters for themselves. Together with all manner of buildings, furnishings, decorative effects, etc., etc. Never underestimate the power of the mind in terms of its creative abilities! Though I have no way of knowing whether the characters people are creating are actually representations of the very same people they were living with in their physical life, but generally I guess it would be safe to assume so.

Often you cannot actually objectively perceive the other characters that people are creating. You can latch onto the idea that the person believes they are interacting with another person around them. But it is their own mind created reality. As such, it is not always possible to merge with the same energies they are aligned to, in order to see what they are seeing exactly. Sometimes you can but often you can't. With experience, you can gauge their general circumstances as you begin detecting the energetic signature of the people you come across. This is an ability you pick up after a while that enables you to tell what their emotional state is.

You can often "see" their emotional state as well through the colours that surround them. People who are fearful often have great whorls of grey clouds around them. The other thing is I can actually "taste" fear. Sounds a bit daft when I say it but it makes a lot of sense when I'm actually in the circumstance. If I come across a person locked in a fearful construct, I can often "taste" the whorl of fearful emotion before I see it.

However, that does not mean that every other person that people interact with in this area of consciousness is their own mind created reality. No, I am now talking primarily about the beginning branches. There are zillions of people on the mid to upper branches all interacting with each other in an objective sense, just as we all do within the physical. The upper branches of PF3 are VERY physical-world like indeed, even better in fact on the top-most branches. In my mind I call it the supra physical. Sort of like the physical on steroids, lol.



Hi Beth:

To an extent, I would agree with you regarding the sensations. But with many, many people, the experience is not quite so clear-cut. I would suggest that the character or nature of the original poster's experience is fairly typical, and one is often left wondering that classic question.

I would liken it to the phenomenon known as a "false awakening" where a person, to all intents and purposes, absolutely believes they are awake and alert within the physical. They have gotten out of bed and going about their normal day... and then they wake up for real. Myself I have even had false awakenings where I have dreamt I had a false awakening and woke up for real, chuckling about thinking of remembering when I had a previous false awakening, but I was definitely not fooled this time. But the whole thing was a false awakening. :)

As such, the only way a person can "prove" the experience to himself or herself is to gain knowledge of an action that is unconnected with themselves. For example, in one RTZ projection I had fairly recently I was outside and saw a large van making a delivery to the bakery. I popped back to physical, threw on some clothes, walked down the road to the bakery to check and there was the van.

The feelings people perceive are largely a question of expectation.

My projection experiences for years were characterised by heavy vibrations and some terrifically intense sensations of movement. These symptoms occurred no matter where in the general consciousness scheme of things I was projecting to. RTZ or "astral it didn't matter. In those days I still subscribed to the "all is astral" construct, but even when I began expanding my knowledge about the wider reality and began encompassing the idea that there might be different primary areas in consciousness, the intense sensations remained.

The intense symptoms only started to subside when I began seriously analysing the process in an attempt to understand it more fully, and to try to slow the whole "exit" process down. In doing this I realised these intense sensations were all largely unnecessary. I had gotten myself locked in a mental construct where I was having sensations because I believed sensations were necessary. This realisation that I could have non-physical experiences sans sensations came as some relief. Now my experiences are accompanied with an absolute minimum of sensation.

In the background, I typically perceive a very light buzzing kind of crackling slightly hissing sound. I describe it as the sound that high-voltage electricity pylons make when the air is very humid, which is about all I get these days in the first 3 areas. Primary Focus 4 is something else again. In this area it is not possible to objectively perceive anything, although you can become a sound if you wish, which is rather entertaining.

As regards the question of being locked in a PF3 construct or not, there are a few things you can do to check. :)

A person locked in a construct is in the unfortunate situation where they are releasing a particular mix of emotion that is creating a certain kind of objective scenario. Then they are reacting to that scenario in a particular way. But that particular way of reacting causes that same particular mix of emotions to be released, which causes the person to react to the scenario in that same particular way. So that same particular mix of emotions are released, so they react to the scenario in that same particular way... etc., etc.

Of course, within the physical people can become locked in these kinds of weird circumstances in dreams. But it isn't long before the alarm clock goes off, or some physical demand comes along and the person snaps out of it. But once someone is sans physical then different rules apply.

There is no need to eat or to excrete, no need for sleep, and so forth. So for someone caught in a loop there is nothing much that will come along and make a demand, break their attention, thus snap them out of it. For example, if there was a need for sleep then, after 20 hours or so, the person would get tired, fall asleep, and thus break the construct. Or they would end up starving hungry, or eventually get a severe need to use the bathroom, or whatever. But no such thing applies and people can become locked in these kinds of constructs for what we would gauge as a time period. This time period could be from minutes to even hundreds of years. There are no hard and fast rules.

The solution is to somehow interrupt a person's thought patterns to make them start thinking of something else. As they do so, the objective circumstances they keep repetitively finding themselves wrapped up in will dissipate.

There are many people resident within the upper branches of PF3 who try to help people free themselves from this kind of predicament. Plus, you get people such as myself who regularly project to this area and see it as a challenge to break some of these constructs in which people become entangled. Some people call it "retrieval" work and I too use that term loosely. But in doing so I need to make clear that I do not subscribe to all these whacky notions that these people are "stuck" and that "souls can get left behind" or "souls can die" and all that jazz. That's just a load of mystical bunkum.

No one gets "stuck" and everyone will eventually realise they are in a construct of one description or another!

You don't have to be caught in a "loop" as I call it. You can be of the view that when you die you go to "heaven". So you end up living in a "heaven" construct that fulfils your expectations and/or is in accordance with a person's particular religion. But eventually people start to question the validity of their circumstances. Thus the framework of the construct is gradually laid bare and people progressively gravitate to the upper branches. Many times with the help of the people already resident within this top region.

Note: when I use the term "top" or "upper" to describe this region I don't mean in a superior sense, like this top region is more "spiritual". If anything, quite the opposite is the case.

The people who are engaged in the spiritual/religious/mystical constructs are the ones caught lower down, which is kinda ironic when you think about it. This is the main reason why I, personally, detest any kind of religion or mysticism. These kinds of belief constructs are presented within the physical as a boon to progression in the non-physical, when in fact they turn out to be a barrier. But within Primary Focus 3, you can also see that many more people are disengaging these days with no particular mystical or religious beliefs, and are thus finding the progression through transition very much easier to achieve.




I know exactly what you mean about the false awakenings!  In the early years of my experiences, I often got 'caught in a loop' of being 'in a dream of a dream'.    A bit later, I knew (because of the sensational marking of an AP) that I had projected into what appeared to be 'layers upon layers of reality' from which I would awake, believing I was really awake only to find that I was 'just caught' in another layer.  

I finally learned that each layer was distinguished by an alteration of content from the one previous to it, or the one to which I could expect to find myself next, e.g., a piece of furniture moved, a wall moved, or even something so fantastic as an elephant in the room!   It was not until the physical contents of the experience truly matched up to what I remembered that I 'knew' that I was indeed back where I started.  

Once, I must admit, I became freightened that I would never find my way back, for I had been in multiple layers for so long (I had already counted 10 different false awakenings in this one experience.)  As you pointed out in your response, it finally occured to me that I needed a 'wake-up call' from this PF to bring me back.  Not knowning what else to do, I 'mentally sent a message' to the other person that I was living with at the time to "MAKE A NOISE" "ANYTHING" !!!  And sure enough, somehow, someway, he got the message and dropped something on the floor that made a big enough noise to 'wake me up for real'!!  

That was back in 1999...and I actually haven't been caught since then...hhmmmm....maybe I learned the lesson being offered!!

Please understand, I do not wish to freighten anyone by the telling of this, but rather, to perhaps provide a tool if this ever happens to you.  At the recognition that you are awake within one of these loops, focus on your PF and ask for help like I did.  Even if you live alone, still ask for help, for I have come to believe that in the same experiences previous to the one mentioned above, I somehow 'knew' that this was the key, and several times the phone would ring to bring me back.  Each time it was my mother calling me!  Did she feel my distress?  I cannot be sure, but it worked!!!  

So what you are saying then Frank, is that this same process just described is also necessary to those living in PF3 that are caught in a construct of their own making??  

You also said that in the upper branches of PF3 it appears to be even more physical than the other branches.  Does this level come close in comparison to this physical PF?  If so, can the levels in-between be like the filters that join two physical realities?  

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Dear Frank,

Since you have written more than 3,000 some-odd posts, I was wondering if you could refer me to an area of the board where you talk more about your experiences in Focus, all the people you have met and the things you have observed. I don't know of any certain keywords that would pull that up.

I am so anxiously awaiting your book! But in the meantime I wanted to see your posts on this, and I am finding it pretty near impossible to get through more that 3,000 in order to find them.

Maybe you just haven't said much about it other than what is written in this topic.


Hi frank,
really getting interested into your conversations there.  I was thinking if it is possible to be stuck in 2 constructs?

When I went to bed the other morning I had a dream that seemed so realistic  didn't really know what to think of it.  

Just my eye sight was all blurry when i was trying to wake up in my dream and noticed someone hovering over me, things started to get clear and realized I was in a hospital. and noticed that the doctor was hovering over me.  He asked me if I knew where I was.  And told me that I was in a hospital and they had to remove something out of my brain??

Kinda have a hard time explaining things so sorry if I confuse you.  I just don't really remember my child hood.  When growing up in my earlier years, I was always  depressed cause of the feeling I wasn't really here and felt like I was living someone else's life.. Kinda hard to explain

So what ya think??