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My Flying Dream

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James S


Flying in dreams is just the BEST isn't it? I've been flying in dreams ever since I can remember. It's such a wonderful feeling, and it's the closest I come to being in control of a dream, being someone who has not really experienced lucid dreaming.

One trick I have learned though is in the way of positive reinforcement - rather than just floating, or flapping my arms - the usual way I fly in dreams(don't laugh!) - I would spend time before I go to sleep imagining wings. Since then I've had several dreams where I've had huge wings to carry me aloft. Stops my arms getting tired (well they do, and your laughing aren't you).



yes, indeed I am

Seriously though, I will make an attempt to grow my astral/mental wings tonight!


i have had a couple of flying  dreams that i can rember.

once i was flying around a castle then over the countryside being chased by some men with guns. but i couldnt fly high i could only fly a few meters above the ground.

i had another dream where i was flying because i had a hat with wings like in super mario. everytime i took it off i floated to the ground.



Here's my journal entry:


Before I went to bed I went thru my relaxation routine, and listened to astral11.wav. I'm quite certain I fell asleep, then later awoke where I started to feel reeealy heavy and I started to sink. At that point I felt I was below my physical body.

Then I remembered Monroe and Free Flow 10 and I immediately tried to roll around like a log. I have the feeling that this wasn't working and that I was going to move my physical body and not my astral body, so I ended up being sort of trapped. Then I blanked out.

I don't know how much time passed before I found myself floating over one of the streets of the neighborhood where I grew up. It seemed everytime I took a deep breath in, I would float up passed the power lines, roam around a bit, then upon exhaling I would come back down.

There's another part to this dream that is missing but I can't retrieve it from memory.

This all came back to me while I was slapping peanut butter on my english muffins this morning.

I love flying dreams! The sensations are very powerful.

Thanks for listening.