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Ive been having these "accidental" pull outs whenever I sleep. Typically it will occur when I wake up, but instead of hopping out of bed, my astral body pulls out. And I won't realize this until a real world item won't work such as a light switch. But this one freaked me the hell out. I woke up, walked to my door (I somehow float without even noticing). And then I felt a splitting pain in my mouth, and discovered all of my teeth were razor sharp. Immediately after I was feeling oppressed, head was spiraling out of control, felt like the world was spinning like someone was rotating a computer chair really fast with me on it. I don't remember ANYTHING after this point, which is absolutely bizarre. I remember everything about projections, and can usually be 100% concious through the whole event. Does anyone know why this stuff is starting to happen? Stress maybe?
Edit: I am almost positive this is NOT a dream. Dreams are over all a separate feeling and I have complete control over them.


I am not sure why.  I would suggest a basic breath meditation daily.  Read up on the subject.  Breath in positive energy and out negative energy.  Then clear head of thoughts and focus on breath.  If thoughts creep in just acknowledge them and go back to the breath.

Also read up on chakra balancing and do some that.

Learn to do reality checks.  Do them every morning.  That way when you find you are astral traveling you can decide if you wan to wake up for real or astral travel for a bit before waking up :-)
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What you're experiencing is called a false awakening.   It's a non physical experience where you think you're wide awake experiencing the physical.

As for the exact description you provide of your teeth... Sounds like you've got things on your mind you're worrying about.   Think about what's bugging you these days and relate it to the symbolism of your projection. 

Good luck.  :-)


I think dreams about teeth are related to appearance and how you feel about yourself



I get my teeth knocked out or they just fall out quite often in my dreams. I have heard this from a lot of people. I had a shot of electricity go through my once in a projection. I am not going to say it hurt but it got my attention. IT literally felt like I was zapped.


The thing is though, if it's a false awakening I usually can change variables in the dream. I'm more convinced that I am simply OBEing by accident.  I could be wrong, it might just a false awakening and I'm overlooking it. I just can't figure out why my body is becoming disfigured. I'm starting to think along the lines of maybe stress is causing some of this, I've been getting extremely busy with school, and it doesn't help that my workplace has been scheduling me for mad amounts of hours. Another factor could be the fact I'm not getting much sleep, so when I do, weird crap like this happens.

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Does sound like false awakening, I started getting lots of these a few months back, often false awakening in the bath tub & not my bed for some unknown reason, & I'd just carry on having a bath. "Cleanliness is next to godliness" so they say...  :lol:

Quote from: NoY on September 12, 2012, 08:49:20
I think dreams about teeth are related to appearance and how you feel about yourself


I hope not NoY, I dream I'm pulling mine out sometimes, what the hell does that say about how I feel about my appearance! :lol:


You're being pulled into something you don't want to do.
Too much on your plate could be bad for your health.
That's a good interpretation, these dreams are individual to you so take the above theme into perspective.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.