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December 21, 2016

2016 has been quite a drought of NP experiences for me and I understand for others as well; I have been really hungry for something, anything!

It was one of those nights where I tossed and turned all night long, and never fell asleep. Fortunately, I didn't have to go into work until later that day, so I slept in (or tried to...). 6am, 7, 8, 9...nothing...geez, I was just hoping for an hour or two at this point...finally around 10 I suppose, I fell into sleep...

I came aware within a Lucid Dream almost immediately, it felt like. I was ecstatic for 2 reasons: One, I was once again extremely lucid in the NP and two, I knew my physical body was finally getting some rest; a twofer!! Despite my physical exhaustion, I was amazed at how super-charged my consciousness felt!

As I came aware, I realized that I was the passenger in a Corvette convertible with the top down and we were racing through the desert at very high speed. Also as I came aware, I was talking to the driver (whom I didn't recognize), trying to convince him/her to slow down as we were approaching a cliff and headed for a huge Thelma and Louise ending. As my awareness hit peak, I realized the futility of talking, that I could take control at any point and so I decided to bail out, "exit stage right" and take my chances under my own control.

I hit the ground and tumbled onto my back and was still sliding at high speed for the canyon edge. I realized that I could easily arrest my slide but was also intrigued by letting the action continue. I had a moment of third-person perspective where I could see my sliding self and the canyon that I would fall into. This was followed by a moment of vertigo and fear for my Physical self (What if this is real?!). I shut down the fear and slid backwards off the cliff into a swan dive and fell about two hundred feet where I reversed to a standing position and stabilized myself mid-air. I was feeling an incredible thrill of exhilaration! It had been SO long since I was flying!

I started a vertical ascent back up out of the canyon at increasing speed, just loving the rush of flying. I had no other Intent at this point other than enjoying the flying. As I flew higher, I noticed the canyon walls had morphed into the walls of an incredibly tall castle-like structure; I was passing multiple levels of terraces and balconies. Pretty quickly, I noticed that I had company; another flyer was pacing me about ten feet away, partly obscured at times by the exterior structures of the castle. I felt a pull to land at the next terrace, so I did. My shadow flyer landed silently a few feet away. I can't say that it was a friendly welcome. He said nothing and looked rather dismissively at me. He was tall, thin and rather gaunt, his face a pale, grayish-blue, black shoulder-length hair, dressed all in black with a long black cape. I was still completely-charged up, in too good of a mood, and offered my hand and a grinning hello! He offered his hand in a fairly limp handshake which disappointed me a bit. Was this guy my own mental creation? (it didn't feel like it) Was he disappointed with me, was I some kind of annoyance? I pushed those thoughts aside; I was in too good of a mood...

Dark guy turned abruptly and walked inside from the terrace. I followed. We came into an interior room and I saw someone disappearing behind a false wall at the far end of the room. I suspected that was the entrance that I was looking for (now my Intent to visit the Astral Proper was beginning to surface). The thought occurred to me to just make for the entrance, but I thought better of it and to be as respectful as possible.

Now, two women and a man walked in and everyone began talking. Their faces were a bit fuzzy, kind of shifting. The second time that I looked at the man, he resembled my father, but I felt no connection, so I figured this was a distraction test. The two women were telepathically engaged in conversation that didn't concern me, so I paid them no further attention-another distraction. I turned to the dark guy and messaged a telepathic request to move into and tour the Afterlife regions. He looked at me as if he had received the message, but instead turned to the man and began a telepathic conversation with him. I could discern the conversation between the two of them and it was pointedly obvious that they were ignoring my presence. I didn't get mad; I didn't get frustrated; I was still in such a great mood for just being in the NP!  I broadcast a thought to the dark guy that was unmistakable- I know that you understand me. You know why I am here and what I want-. This was met with the briefest recognition and then a return to their conversation. I thought again that I could just make for the hidden entrance, but I still felt the obligation to follow a certain decorum. I thought for a moment to formulate the most specific request that would convey my sincerity, understanding and respect...

And then some noise from the Physical world intruded, some noise which was impossible to ignore...a trash truck was making its weekly pass down my street...airbrakes squeaking and whooshing, trashcans being banged and clanged around...

I gritted my teeth and kept it in context: I had been back to the NP, dived off a cliff, flown around, met some new friends lol, and gotten maybe an hour's worth of sleep in the process!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Wow, great experience, EV! I hope you get them more frequently. There is nothing like the thrill of knowing that you are in the NP fully aware. Your description of questioning "what if it's real" in regards of jumping off the cliff, matches many of my experiences, when I realize that I am in the NP and I am about to jump out of a window to fly,I have the same thoughts and a little fear that if I am in the physical and I am wrong to think I am in the NP, I will hit the ground below and die. But every time I jump anyway and fly away. And very often I end up in castles like you did.
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Quote from: LightBeam on December 27, 2016, 05:34:22I have the same thoughts and a little fear that if I am in the physical and I am wrong to think I am in the NP, I will hit the ground below and die. But every time I jump anyway and fly away. And very often I end up in castles like you did.
Haha, I remember that one too. Once when I already stood on the outside windowsill and went back inside the room in order to do a 'test flight' there. I lifted and hovered 1 metre in the air, so I knew it was all fine and I was in the astral. I then went out again to take off into the air on a beautiful sunny day.  8-)


Terrific experience, I remember this type well. Haven't been tested so in a while. I hope this keeps up for you. Is it appropriate to say Welcome back to the NP, lol.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Thank you all for the replies. The Physical Reality Fear Checks are incredible moments...they somehow never lose their "immediacy of the instant"...what fun!

Another aspect that some of these experiences finally crystallized for me, something Lumaza mentioned on another forum, is the idea that the environment is sometimes created around us, realtime, as we move through it. For me, this has become increasingly apparent over the years. Earlier, I didn't pay attention to it, barely noticed it most of the time. It caused me a bit of confusion but I never really dwelled on it.

During some experiences, my environment appears 100% complete; everywhere I look I see a contiguous environment or scenery. However other times, especially when I am moving quickly or flying, I notice a resistance to raising my head or looking ahead of me, and closer consideration shows that at the edge of my vision, the environment is literally "building" ahead of me, it is being created as I move into it. At eye level, I perceive a full technicolor environment, but beyond and ahead of that is a white-ish, grey-ish kind of immaterialness that quickly takes form as I move into it. In this experience, as I flew upward out of the canyon, I felt a resistance to looking upward and at the edge of my field of vision, I could see the new environment forming at the edges, like viewing a wavefront of visual creation...and it gradually changed from canyon walls to the castle structure.

This begs an intriguing question: Who or what is creating this developing environment? My subconscious/superconscious by itself? Or is this part of unfolding NP training directed by others?

In the end it may be a minor question to ask, but it is an interesting fact to notice as it occurs.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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I agree that is an intriguing question and one I'm sure many of us want answers to. I'm sure we'll get there. As frustrating as it is it is also quite interesting how 'awake' our thinking is so different when we are in a np environment.

While I do agree that we create much of what happens in the np, I don't for a minute think it is all us. That would require a huge ego in itself. We are going to figure this out. I don't think the question is minor at all, I think it is key to knowing who we are and where we are going from here.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.