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was i close ??

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First, welcome to the forums,  invisicode!

It sounds like maybe you started to exit your body and lost control and lucidy and then slipped into sleep.  Who knows?  Maybe your adventure continued and you just lost the memory.  Or, maybe it wasn't an OBE, but regardless it was a new experience for you and that's still progress.

I think you were close.



I've been trying for a while to project, with minimal results. Yesterday I downloaded a binaural file i found on this forum. I tried listening to it before i went to bed. I was too tired so I went to sleep. I think I woke up in the night, and my mind was clearer and I just tried to do this triangle method of phasing I read about. I just somehow knew I was already in the right state of mind since I was already somewhat asleep. When I tried the triangle method I imagined my third mind's eye. When I did that, I got this wiered feeling. Like something warped (Hard to explain) kind of like shrooms where things are "different". it was in the dark. it was definietly WIERD. and i thought i was on the right track, so i tried rolling out of my body. I think in that instant I felt like I rolled over supper fast like falling almost and it felt like i rolled over like 10 times fast. thats all i remember, that happend. was i close and how come i can't remember what happend after i rolled out. maybe it didn't work and i went back to sleep?