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Dreaming in the Dark

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i've never heard anything like that before.  maybe if she was or has been doing any lucid dream experimentation she could include a post hypontic suggestion to herself that she would like to be somewhere sunny.  maybe she could visit one of the poles during the six months of sunlight, that way she would have no choice. :)

lucid dancer

wow, that's a weird one! Fredhedd is right. Now that she's realized a pattern, it's a wonderful opportunity for becoming lucid. All she has to do is make a suggestion to herself. Whenever she finds herself in a night scene, she must be dreaming.  She should probably do a reality test though to make sure. I use this technique often. I noticed that I dream of schools a lot (I don't even go to school in waking life). So I've made it a point of becoming aware when I'm at any type of school.   ....If she wants to find a reason why she's having this pattern, I can't help ya!  It's probably psychalogical, a memory relived? a comfort zone?


Dreaming in the dark can mean many things. I found I was dreaming frequently in the dark when the setting is outside. By becoming more aware of it, I am quicker to remember or notice when the outside is light. It could be that the dark outside is not the focus of the dream message. Darkness can mean nightime, actual or symbolically. Darkness can also mean the female principal (yin/yang), the looking inward to the focus point. Another interesting aspect of night dreaming is noting a time factor. I notice in my dreams as well as others the concept of two days come up fairly frequently. There is a common day/night comparison taking place. I'm still trying to figure what it may mean.


My coworker and I were discussing dreams one day, and she realized for the first time in all her life that it's not normal to always dream without daylight.  Every dream she can remember takes place at night.  Dream rooms are well lit, but whenever she's outside, even walking in the park, it's nighttime.  Scenarios that are supposed to take place in the daytime happen at night.  It's been this way for her ever since childhood.
I've researched dreams for years but I've never heard of this problem.  
She claims she hasn't had any traumatic experiences in her life, night has no special meaning to her, and she has no clue as to why this happens.  It became so common for her she assumed everyone had nighttime dreams.  
Does this ring a bell with anyone, or have a guess at the cause?