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Re-entering The Same Lucid Dream

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     I woke up, and proceeded to close my eyes and re-enter this same dream-scape. It was like a small park surrounded by a few houses, almost in the middle of nowhere. Iv been there in previous dreams. It felt super familiar (reason?).
     I got slight vibrations and a little pop and i knew i was there but everything was still black. I was walking on the side walk and i thought about something iv read where you have to stimulate your senses to really bring the dream back. I snapped of this little twig of a bush, rolled it in my fingers n smelled it, kinda earthy, still no sight. I bent down and rubbed my hand in the grass, then i kind of forced my vision where i did begin to see.
     When that happened i was starting to be dragged out of the dream(reason?). Like by the collar, my feet were skidding against the pavement. I managed to stop at the outskirts of the 'village' and thought, maybe i could fly back. Proceeded to fly, but just flew in the opposite direction really violently, had no control over this. The G forces was too much so i woke myself up.
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Many of our dreams take place in familiar places. You probably created the park a long time ago. It's also an escape hatch (a place you go to jump off into the astral).

I'm guessing the reason you were dragged off is because it's time for you to experience more and you looked like you needed help, lol. I've been dragged off a few times myself. I've finally reached a point where I just think okay, take me away, show me what you got.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


The dream-scape was pretty empty when i was being dragged out. Before there was neighbors, dogs and families. Before i woke up the first time i got invited to an uncles party. The neighbor said "Uncles party's get pretty out of hand" then reluctantly handed me an invitation. Iv never Been to an Astral-Rave before. I just really wanted to go aha.
We are informational beings sharing information for the betterment of humanity