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Normal boring Dream, yet something cool about it..

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I had a pretty long dream last night, about 1,000 words worth that I could remember, but the cool thing about it was something about the dream.  In the dream I was in Bangkok visiting a friend who lives there (not real life friend, just a dream character). 

Anyways, and I know this is small and doesn't really mean anything, but I thought it was cool.. The cars in the dream are driving on the left side of the road rather then the right side as I am used to seeing.  I didn't even know they drove on the left side until I looked it up after coming to this realization about my dream. 

Also, this is my first dream of dreaming of a futuristic event, the cars in my dream where future looking small and NO Wheels, they kind of remind me of elongated egg shaped vehicles!  Heh, not a big thing, just something else that caught my eye about the dream.