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When in doubt, dream about it!

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I recently got into a fight with a friend of mine and needless to say, it got pretty nasty. I felt like crap for the rest of the day. I didn't know what to do, either to forgive and forget or hold a grudge. PLEASE try this if your having emotional problems pertaining to other people. Before you fall asleep, ask yourself some questions involving the situation between you and the other person. Before I fell asleep, i asked myself "How come i let this happen?""How can i correct it?""Who was truly wrong?"

That night i had an interesting dream. The symbolism involved is something I will only understand, and ill explain some of the unrelated garabge. Here it goes.

My mother played a role by owning a local store(no she does not really) that is being ruined by my friend and 2 other local guys who I despise. As they ruined the place my mother became very upset and at some point passed out. It was like watching a movie at first, then gaining a first person perspective. I came into play the second time they came around and got ahold of one of them. I punched him and pretty mch shattered his jaw(I knew in my dream i did anyways) and he hit the ground. My friend and his other buddy took off and jumped over a fence. Shortly afterwards, some person dressed in Samurai armor(of all things?) put his hand on my shoulder. Suddenly it went back to a third person perspective(me watching). I heard some music in the background that I am STILL trying to figure out. He simpled glared at me into my eyes and said "Please, make it right". I woke up about 2 seconds later.

All the symbolism in the dream came together after I woke up. My mother represented an argument of sorts, and her passing out was the shock that it caused. The store was completely unrelated, just representing a conflict. The other 2 guys were not really a concern. My friend being a jerk represented our argument. I realised after waking up that I was at fault. i went over to his house and apolgised. Shortly after a minute or two of talking, we started acting like it had never happened.  
You would be suprised about the answers your dreams can give you if you only take the time to listen.

Don't let a silly argument ruin a friendship.
"Please, make it right"

"View people like a shattered mirrior. The peices show the distorted personality. View the peices as a whole and you will see their true reflection."-Poem by Me