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Chi power plus

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Chi power plus

Is this for real? They make some pretty outlandish statements as to what their product can give you. Any feedback as to what the kit REALLY comes with and whether or not it is worth it would be greatly appreciated.


It's a rip-off company. You don't need to pay their fees to get this kind of information. That's if they are giving you the real info that's of any use.

QuoteWhy spend a lifetime looking for the secrets of energy development, meditation and mental abilities, when our courses show you how to "Master the Power" right now! Find out why thousands have used this method of energy development.  full story>>

This is typical snake oil salesman speak. If it's too good to be true-it generally is-especially if it's for sale. Time to spend a few hours googling perhaps :-).

NEW (the tutorial is free), some good books/sites on various forms of chi kung and yoga and no doubt a few other systems others could mention are worth reading and checking out. This site is PURE profiteering.  I sincerely hope that kind of organisation does not flourish and that the owners suddenly find themselves with a more useful purpose in life :-).  

Thanks for bringing it to my attention at least. Now I have an example to show folks here of the kind of ripoff scams being done.  Technically they will say it's not a scam-they are likely to give you the reports and documents etc-they've just super overblown both cost and speed of benefits.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


wtf!? Only! $197

And "Positive Ion Force".. man oh well.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!