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NEW eyes please

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It is easy enough to imagine this happening. I have caught myself rolling my eyes up and hyperventilating while using projection techniques. Using less effort gradually stopped the eye rolls and hyperventilation. It is probably the same thing, being too tense and using too much effort.

James S


I know what you mean about your eyes wanting to move. Even though the "visualisation" is in fact using imagination to recreate from memory the sense of touch, your mind's eyes want to look anyway.

Think about how you would be watching yourself, say, rub a sore knee. Your hands know what to do so your eyes don't need to follow them, you can just look in the general direction of your leg.

Tactile imaging as described in NEW can be done with either your eyes open or closed, it doesn't really matter. It's the recreation of the sense of touch that does the work. instead of focussing on the circular motion that your recreating, focus on the general area your stimulating. you'll find your eyes don't need to move.



Tom - I know what you're saying - it's not a tense or hurried thing though.  At least I don't think it is[;)]

James S - Even with my eyes open, looking at or away from the target, I still get a very mild preassure around my eyeballs.
"Think about how you would be watching yourself, say, rub a sore knee. Your hands know what to do so your eyes don't need to follow them, you can just look in the general direction of your leg."
Correct!  So I think I've somehow over-visualised in some way.  Good stuff - I'm going to do do just that - actually watch myself doing it and attempt to relearn the 'feel' of what's happening.

Thankyou chaps

Vojn Svetla Gorskog


Slow down the tempo, put less effort into it, remember this is not physical, you don't need to strain anything other than your mind, let it flow and it will be both more powerful and easier to control for you.

Now here's a challenge! Try to do this same energy raising in the bus, subway, while walking on the street, any place where you can expect external distractions - this is sort of a dopping effect which will make your relaxed energy raising stronger and exercise your concentration!

Until it becomes a common practice for you, this technique might leave you feeling a little 'spent' while your body adjusts to deal with more energy and circulating it properly in the future. The less you have to worry about and get angry at will make you more energy-efficient and you'll have more of it to play with.

Take care, its a thrill!

Vojn Svetla Gorskog


Tom - my eyes kina do the same thing. Whenever I do any sort of energy work (at all) with my eyes closed, I realize that I'm rolling them upward into my head. Am I just trying too hard like Terrance?


The eyes are funny. They will stay open, stay closed, blink, or do various other things. Even Buddha had to tolerate these before his enlightenment. It could be that you are trying too hard, but it could also be due to the energy currents doing what they want to.


Hi terrance

I have an article that is actually about scrying, but has some very useful advice on unwanted body movements during imagery. While the article is focusing on avoiding physical movement during imagined movement, not tactile imaging, the skill should carry over no problem. It is a long article but its a great read and it also has a great method of removing unwanted spontaneous mental chatter during concentration exercise.//




Hi, Terrence,
I too have found the same thing that my eyes move with my awareness movements. I have also found that I breath in time with the brushing movement, and that it is very difficult to stop doing this! I am also short-sighted and have a lot of tension in my eyes which is something that bothers me and I wish to correct in time. I think that my awareness is still too much in my eyes and vision and I must concentrate much more on the physical sensation of awareness hands, without worrying about any unintentional movements. More practice required, I think.
Love and Light,


I've started following the NEW instructions from the start and have just been playing with stimulating the tops and bottoms of my feet (and discovered I have more than one sole).

Anyway, the circle motion brushing.  I'm ok with tactile imaging and get good sensations from the parts of my body where I focus my attention.  But I've noticed that my eyes ever so slightly circle in time with the circle brushing motion.  In other words, my eyeballs strain slightly in circles behind my closed eyelids.

I put a lot of effort into not moving my eyes at all yesterday, as a result I lose track of my body tactile imaging - at best I get a patchy and very slow circling motion occurring.

Further experimentation has revealed that my eyeballs follow (very very slightly) all awareness actions.

As a sort of blind experiment I've got several people to try out the circling action on their own bodies.  Once they got the hang of it I asked them if they noticed anything occurring with their eyeballs - they've volunteered the same thing - very slight eyeball movement.

The reason I want to stop myself from doing this is twofold:
I don't want any more eye stain (mild)
And I want to be able to control body awareness actions without any aids, visual or otherwise.

Any comments would be appreciated.