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Well, her website disappeared, can't seem to find anything about her besides stores that sell her books... I think I'll write the monroe institute and see... :o

In related news:

A study finds that vitamin supplements are actually harmful! I wonder if it could be explained with the "dead food/live food" idea... You take in good nutrients, but your energy remains dull, so you are not able to make the best of it, and starve! :o
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An excerpt from George Adamski's book, "Inside the Spaceships" where he shares his conversations with aliens.

Here, George is aboard a Venusian spaceship listening to a being called "The Master":

QuoteI understood clearly all that this great teacher of other worlds was saying, but a question
entered my mind. I wondered how they viewed killing for food, if they did kill, or even
consuming fruit and vegetables, since these too were living in their own form of expression.
And as always, the answer came without my speaking.
"There is nothing illogical in this, my son. When you eat a lettuce leaf, it becomes a part of
you, does it not? As a result, from then on it begins to experience things with you. So what
you have actually done is to transmute one form into your own form. Had this not been the
case, the lettuce leaf would have matured, then gone to seed in order to replenish its own kind
again, and that would have been its total experience. But by serving you, it has been elevated
to a higher service through you.
"Motive also enters into this principle. If your motive is to destroy or injure or exploit, then it
is wrong. But if your motive embraces the service you can render another form by bringing it
up to your standard, through you, then it is right. For you are really transmuting a mineral
from one state to another that it may be of still greater service. In doing this, you are acting
according to the law of growth or development, ofttimes called 'evolution' in your world.
This is the law of your Creator.
"The people of your world make much of form—disintegration—not realizing the law of
elevation, because they have begun to think that the form is all there is. But the form is only a
channel through which life, or intelligence, expresses. All-Inclusive Intelligence cannot
express through a lettuce leaf. So the lettuce leaf must be transmuted by gradual stages into a
higher form through which to express greater service. That is the way it is rewarded.
"When this law is fully accepted and lived by your Earth men as it has been accepted and
lived by inhabitants of other planets and systems, the atmospheric conditions of Earth will be
sweetened. For every form will then give off joyous radiations from itself that will permeate
the air within which mankind lives.
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