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Location of the 8th chakra

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I've been wondering about this for some time now. Why is it that people can't agree on the location of the 8th chakra? All the others seem to coroborate well, but the additional chakras like the 8th one seem to have two different locations.
I'm quite confused by this as there's not really much evidence for chakras anyway and so finding out if this chakra is as valid as the others and where it is located is a bit challenging. Does anyone here have any information to set this straight. I guess the chakra could be aboive the head, but I never feel it there, I always feel it between my heart and my throat.


That sounds like the dantien. It stores energy for distribution to the other major chakras. The chakra I'm interested also goes by the name soul star. It's also believed to contain your karma and so is of interest to me.


The basal developmental stage is 7 well known chakras on the spinal column . There are of course numerous minor chakras on the limbs and some believe in negative chakral centres below the red chakra .

Despite divergent beliefs , it is agreed that there are 3 energy storage centers called stones by European Alchemists and some Kaballahists and also called tan tiens by taoist alchemists .

Chakras  ------Supporting Stones
-------Platinum Blue Moon Stone
--------Pale Yellow Sun Stone 
---------Salmon Red Earth Stone 

The pre indigo human was said by some metaphysicists to open bottom up if male from red up . Some males were born with two open . And females supposedly opened top down with 2 or 3 open  . I suppose that may have been true . I feel that anyone born after 1980 imho is born with all 7 spinal chakras open already .However,  there are still inherent differences in pathworking which may have less to do with gender of incarnation than in previous generations.

So some open their 8th chakra at the crown but some open it at the base . I believe that these open very close in time together though. The one that opens below the red one is rose coloured and will appear at first to be 4 teeny vortices of energy descending from the chakral column .

Above the crown chakra 6 to 11 inches ,  is a vortex which appears clairvoyantly like an os but when open like a small metal emergency fire sprinkler on a ceiling . I call this the alpha os some call it the soul star .
Beneath the hips and bum again about 6 to 11 inches there is a reciprocal vortex /os which opens up into the body like a spray bottle spritzer in a fountain like manner.I call this the omega os and some call it the earth star or similar names .

Energy enters the spinal chakral column thru this os pair further imbibing the subtle body layers with light energy which will raise the vibration to allow further clairience and will cause increasingly more sophisticated energy centres to develop the human energy body .

Another belief is that the basl 7 spinal column chakras can be enumerated by the nested layers of light that imbibe them and by this one can measure their growth . This may have been a useful exercise in the recent past but it is no longer necessary as humanity experiences a global alchemical contagion  and slowly evolves the human energy body , I feel that most have gone beyond the enumeration of the chakras altogether and should now focus on the stones instead .

I believe that a number of humans globally have opened chakras , both above and below ,like this ;

% 18 crystal  the space between below hell above heaven the Kether Chakra
* 12 silver  bowl  cave like cap
# 08  white cube
+ 07 violet  crown
= 06 indigo  third eye
   14  sapphire extended forehead brow centre
# 05 blue     mouth
+ 11 (aqua)  throat
* 16 (emerald)  cap over heart
= 04  chartreuse heart
# 03  yellow   solar plexus
+ 15 (amber) navel   
= 02 orange  subnavel
= 01 red       sacral
+ 10 rose     genitalia
* 17  ruby     thigh as yet unformed suspect it will cap between the earth and sunstone
# 09  black    a table then a cube it slides as the magician grows in length in the energy body
* 13  gold     the mystic heart and the golden bowl beneath the hanged man which shatters upon death
% 18 crystal  the space between below hell above heaven the Kether Chakra

=  colours right hand
+  colours left hand
#  colours left glove
*  colours of right  glove

Imho , the first 7 rainbow colours ; red , orange , yellow , chartreuse green , blue , indigo , violet
are followed in pairs as above so below in this order ;

white , black ; these are like cubes and seals on the os they are flexible and they move
the necklace of cosmic stones to cross the abyss

aqua , rose   ; aqua on the throat and on rose the genitalia as 4 coned vortices

silver , gold   : as hemisphered caps the silver crystal cave above the crown the golden bowl below
and is the reflected golden heart of the mystic

sapphire , amber : the amber manifests between the yellow and orange chakras on the abdomen the sapphire opens a secondary brow centre 

emerald , ruby : emerald opens into the sunstone bisecting the body like an internal hemisphere the ruby lies dormant and unclear in its purpose but I suspect it will cap the earthstone and complete the futher bisection of the human energy body as the golden bowl did before it .

By this,  I mean there is a tree of life in the magician and another behind him in the Aya of Sorrows . When these are fully imbibed that is the completion of the Emerald Tablet . Above and below the mirror are the magician and the hanged man feet to feet . Behind the  Aya of Sorrows is a lady feet to feet with her . These 4 trees of life and thei supporting roots completed become the Ruby Tableaux .

On the chakral column there are the primary 3 stones which are soon joined by 3 more behind it , as amber , aqua and purple . Soon they each become a column of 4 green above the central and rose below the rear one . Then the body begins to manifest a colum of 4 on the right as ruby , emerald , silver and gold and on the left as sapphire , topaz , ebony and ivory .When all 20 are in bloom then each manifests a 5th stone . When there are 25 stones above there is a reflection of 25 more below in the mirror which is the floor beneath the magician . A crystal crowns the lot of them .

The white silver one is one clasp joined to the black gold one as the other clasp . These open and close the cosmic stones so that aligned the energy body and consciousness slip across the abyss to cosmic portals .

"Yes there are two paths . You can go back , but in the long run , there's still time to change the road you're on " ~ Led Zeppelin