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goodbye until we meet again ;D

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Karxx Gxx

(you could possibly put this in a different chat. im fine with that :)

Just saying thank you and goodbye.
Im doing something and i guess i came to say i feel like
1. i can express myself to the degree i can accept it
2. just answer about any question. But honestly, i might be biased. i try to relate it to trust here and there. happens when you ride the flow of trust. cough cough. 
It simply is just a super useful tool. And i could go on and on but!

Just saying goodbye. only here to just reply to other people. The only time i ever will put up a new topic if is i completely have a different perceptoin. One that will only post if i made a book. So i guess my next thread topic post will be my official book IF i make one. Interesting. that would be cool.

Any questions? ;D
Your way is The way




Karxx Gxx

Looks like I was lying lol. Why was this even looked at xDD  2018 sheesh
Your way is The way


Quote from: Karxx Gxx on January 30, 2024, 22:42:38Looks like I was lying lol. Why was this even looked at xDD  2018 sheesh
haha!!  I didn't even realize the date on your initial post.  :)

Well, welcome back anyway!  hehe


You so bad with yo-self. Haha! Welcome back
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.