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NEW. not afraid anymore

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Hey everybody!! My name is Jon. TheUnderstand was my name for a dress up hippie party lol. i have had sleep paralysis my whole life. when i was 22, i did a report on sleep paralysis and what people believed it to be. i came across astral projection and techniques to help. the next time i was in sleep paralysis, i focused on raising my hand and did that. the time after that i was able to raise the top half of my body before slingshoting back into my body. now 25, i left my body for the first time. i woke up in sp and tried to get my girlfriend's attention by touching her face. i saw a hand touch her face but i knew i wasn't moving my limbs. she swatted at her face like something was bothering her. after that i began to rise and i was really scared. i look down and i see my girlfriend and i, sound asleep. i shot back to my body and woke up with the biggest head rush ever. i has been a good 2 months, and i think i'm ready to let it happen. can anybody share with me what it's like, please? :-o


Hi TheUnderstanding, congrats for overcoming your fears which is maybe one of the most important steps to being a regular APer.  :-), Welcome to the Club.


Thank you  :-D. if i wasn't afraid when i was younger, i would probably be an ap master by now lol.


There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse, TheUnderstanding!  :-)

Finally ALLOWING it to happen, shows your inner self that you are ready to delve deeper and also open to learning more.  :wink:

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Greetings TheUnderstanding
It's always a pleasure to welcome a new member. And a new member who has recently had a first astra-OBE experience as well. Very good.

Regards  8-)