Former Skeptic trying to make sense of a wildly altered life perspective

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I found out from my mother that psychic abilities run in the family about a month before these events. I was always a skeptic and atheist (and I still consider myself to be one to a certain extent), but gave her the benefit of the doubt and experimented with trying to discover abilities.

What triggered this was having done one rather basic meditation/visualization for about fifteen minutes earlier in the day. I was low on sleep, but I'm an insomniac so that's normal for me. There were no drugs or alcohol involved- I hadn't drank or done anything else in over a year when these events started happening.

Before the first event, I was seeing moving red cuboids (maybe ½ an inch across) moving on the walls. I could see through the back window (through a fence) that in one of the houses near me there was a man sitting at a table... like a full, glowing bright pink silhouette. Then with my waking eye, super vivid scenes that changed every two seconds were playing out before my eyes. A lot of the images were of people dressed in Nazi-esque clothing (think brown uniforms with red armbands, but no swastika on the armband. It was just a deep red with no designs on it). Practically just like the Brownshirts, the Strurmabteilung, except no Swastika or circle on the armband. And I knew without a doubt that they weren't Nazis, despite how they were dressed. I looked to the left, and I saw an electric blue portal, about a foot by 8 inches (this isn't the only one I saw but it was definitely the closest), and through it came our fully grown (transparent, electric blue) baby. It looked like a boy but it's pretty hard to tell with newborns. I freaked the bonk out, which caused the baby to be pulled back through the portal by an electric blue umbilical cord wrapped around it. It was crying, scared, and confused as to why I didn't want to see it. I looked away and saw my cat's soul, and knew she was trying to protect me (she was laying on my chest and looking into my eyes and purring). Her soul looked like a deep black silhouette without eyes (which wasn't really scary, it was just like there were pits where her eyes are... which sounds scary but it wasn't.) After that the images became more and more intense and came faster and faster, to the point where it was overwhelming. Then I have a memory gap, and the next bit I remember is being in Space in my mind's eye, communicating telepathically with far away beings of some sort throughout the cosmos. I asked if our dead dog Charlie was out there. I got a "yes" back. I was asked if I want to see him. I said "yes". Then I could sense him moving towards me. At that point I freaked out a bit again and communicated telepathically that I do want to see him, but I wasn't ready at that moment because of how overwhelming and new it all was. Down the road, I asked him to be a spirit guardian for me and he said yes to that. Also HOLY excrement he's sassy, it's hilarious. Also, the telepathic communication is pretty disorienting. Every time I send or receive a message I get a really disorienting brain zap, like "buzz buzz", almost like a cell phone vibrating, but IN MY HEAD. The most buzzes I've had is 7 back to back. After that I was like holy excrement, I need to turn this off and calm down, but I couldn't visualize myself to do the necessary mental exercise to turn it off due to the intensity of the images, so I got up, went to the bathroom, and looked at a picture of myself so I could visualize myself to turn it off (mostly). (Turns out I have hypophantasia which explains the inability to visualize myself, but that's a whole other story.)

For a couple of weeks after that, whenever I was in a dark setting trying to wind down for bed, I could sense the preliminary stages of another vision starting and I would shut it off because I was freaked out and didn't really understand it.

During my son's birth (a solid 72 hours of labor):
Pretty sure partial astral and physical plane projections through my third eye. Like making a window into another world that I could interact through. Had to focus really hard to make the images more clear and was having serious difficulty interacting with things- typing, etc. In the physical ones it seemed like they might have seen something, or at least my mother-in-law (who was in the room). My wife seemed to react but not really see. Astral ones were pretty weird too. Something like a spiritual google but I couldn't type. Another where I couldn't really control my flight speed and angle and I almost flew into power lines a couple of times. Didn't feel like a dream. Somewhere between an incredibly powerful lucid dream (far more powerful than have ever had before) and reality. Felt pretty real. Also when I stopped focusing on my third eye the whole thing would shut off. To interact I had to keep the third eye part going and multitask in tangent with other things. I was also hearing all the interaction with the nurses and stuff they were doing while having these experiences. Also there seems to be a very clear parallel between the windows I was making with my mind and the vision of Lorenzo months ago... they're the exact same size and shape... might have sent it to myself from the future... that's bonking nuts. Intentionally or not I have no idea. Which means the Nazi looking people information in the vision might have been sent by me as well in the future. (The implications of this trip me the hell out.)

It's been almost a year now since that vision, and only about a month ago did the size and look of my son line up with what I saw in that vision. I've gotten to the point where I typically can see an incredibly detailed image without distortion, and also without the electric blue border around the "window".

I'm trying to learn all I can about astral projection and general "abilities". I want to find a teacher/mentor in this area, if at all possible. I also look forward to learning what kind of craziness this universe has to offer!

Sorry for the wall of text!


Quote from: ICameISawICame on December 29, 2021, 20:44:44
I'm trying to learn all I can about astral projection and general "abilities". I want to find a teacher/mentor in this area, if at all possible. I also look forward to learning what kind of craziness this universe has to offer!
Greetings!  :-)

I see you have already had your initial "sneak peek" of what could be, and it has left you wanting more. You came to the right place for just that!  :-)

This Forum is loaded with valuable info to aid you reaching your goals. I would start with this Sub-Forum here and the Stickies found within it. They will familiarize you with not only the terminology used here, but also tried and tested techniques to aid you further with your nonphysical explorations. You could also find a Member here that you are comfortable with and PM (Private Message) them to aid you further in your travels. The Moderators/Administrator here are very good sources for that.
 Each one of the Sub-forums you find here has Stickies in it. You can also do a word search of interest in above search engine of the top right-hand side of the page. Here is a great one to start with.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Certain time periods in our history have left deep imprints. I wouldn't worry too much about the whys and wherefores. You will move through that and eventually be introduced to other imprints that have left a mark on humanity. It's good general knowledge and will give you a great background for future experiences.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Wow, those are some pretty amazing experiences.

The electric blue portal is interesting as I have seen something like this before. It looked as real (if not more so) as staring at it in real life would be. It looked very chaotic like it was tearing through the ether or something and there was no sound, but looking into the other side was super peaceful. I couldn't keep up the visuals though as I was sweating and freaking out inside at how real it was.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.
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