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Hi everyone,

I am Male, late 40's and living in Canada.  A little history of myself: I had my first classical OBE in the very early 90's.  I was in bed sleeping.  At some point I became aware, exited my physical body what felt like out of the top of my head.  I walked around my condo and than crawled back into my body.  This felt very natural but didn't really question it at the time as I just considered it a dream.  Approximately 5 years ago I was sleeping with my physical body on my right side.  I became aware and felt my energy body which was positioned on my left side, roll over and align with my physical body.  Maybe I was entering my body after some adventure.  This felt very strange but I really did not question what happened.  Finally, last year I came across Robert Monroe's books.  The topic caught my attention.  I listen to audio books and downloaded his first one.  Thus, my spiritual journey began...or maybe it began a long time ago but my awareness of it finally began!  Since than I have read/listened to many books from many authours including Monroe, Buhlman, Leland, etc.  I am currently reading The Multidimensional Human.  I started off with my Dream Journal almost a year ago now.  I have since learned a lot about myself.  I could write a book!  Dream interpretation certainly requires a skill!  Extremely difficult at first but I think I am getting better at it.  After 3 months of documenting, reading and experimenting I had a more profound OBE while sleeping on the sofa.  Started off as a dream, became aware for a very split second that I was dreaming and than felt the vibrations and was again out of my body.   I have also had a few lucid dreams now as well.  Things I will share in other posts.  Anyways, I have been visiting this forum for about the last 6 months as a guest.  I have read many post/articles here and am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge, experience and insights from the members here.  I have finally decided to join and say 'Hello!'
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 Welcome to the Astral Pulse! It's nice to see people come "out of the shadows" and join the conversations!  :-)

I tend not to rely on Dream Interpretation by others because there are so many things in "you" have experienced that left some kind of footprint. But the person/website with the "Dream Interpretation info" may have not. Like Bees. To one they may show pollination (the spreading of life, etc) or they could be a flashback to a nasty memory, like you being stung in the lip by one of them.
The good thing those websites is they give you ideas on possibilities. But some of them are "my info is the only answer" and I don't go for that. We may all be one consciousness, but we all experience life in our own way.

Sometimes it takes me months before I can finally see the message of a Dream. That Dream is normally one that is re occurring and has many parts to it. Other times I have "Re entry Dreams", which I call "Dream Re-Scripting". Whereas I go back in to taken a second, third or fourth shot on whatever the task, challenge of the Dream at hand was. Keeping a Dream Journal is a great way to discern patterns. Reoccurring people and places in our Dreams shows you that we can live in many realities at the same time. Especially people and places that aren't currently in our physical lives.
I think you might like this thread I made here on the subject of Tests, Quests and Challenges we undergo in our "nightly" adventures or conscious AP sessions.

Another name to add to your list of great Authors/Mentors for learning about AP is Robert Moss. You don't need to read his book though. He has some great informational free YouTube videos that explain quite a bit. He is more into "Dream Walking" and follows the Shamanic path in his talks. He also speaks of Tibetan Dream Yoga, which is something I practice quite a bit.
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You are right about the dream interpretation websites.  I do use them for help but I will search multiple sites when trying to interpret something.  If I find something that resonates with me than I go with that.  Many don't and if I am still unsure about something I just leave it and come back at a later date.

Thank you for the thread link on Tests, Quests and Challenges.  I have actually been thru that thread on an earlier date but I have read thru it again.  Very helpful insights!

I will certainly have a look at the author Robert Moss.  I enjoy reading from a multitude of authors as there are things to learn from their similarities and from their differences. 
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Hi T-Man, welcome to the Pulse.
You've started out with the correct mindset; experience, question and research.
You can learn lots from others and it will give you a good foundation to begin with. As you progress things will take a more personal direction and development then is an individual task. I'm sure many experienced members will keep you on the track and answer those questions when things progress.
Dream interpretation is an art and it can be done by others, they need to ask the right questions so they can guide you on the lessons or info contained within. I've done many and when others do these there's not that much on how you were feeling at the time during the dream. This is key and will aid you in your own interpretations.
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Late again as I don't think I even saw this back then. Glad to find you did an about me, yay.

I agree dream interpretation is very tricky as I learned the hard way and am still learning truth be told. I can really relate to finding your energy body being 'opposite' your physical body as I began having that particular experience just about or just before joining myself. Really weird sensation but so wonderful at the same time.

Also find it relatable that you had your first recognizable OBE in you mid teens roughly (if I figured that about right). My first fully conscious OBE was in my mid-teens as well. I was aware of the sleeping OBEs and at the time just thought they were the most amazing dreams ever.

I can see we have both made some huge progress in our practice and our understanding. I need to get all those books on audio myself. I finally got my hands on some of the books but find reading has become a little difficult these days. My brain still wants to jump through hoops by my body says 'just relax, go to sleep'. LOL I may still be a chick in the wider scheme of things but I certainly aint no spring chick.

Here's to many more years of learning.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.