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spirit guides..fairly long post!

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I've never heard or experienced anything remotely like what you just described. Have you had more encounters of the same type, after that?



James S


That's an amazing experience! My own experience is not nearly as "physical" as that.

My thoughts -  I think that our guides must make themselves known to us when either they feel that we are ready to meet them, receive their knowledge and help us take the next step in our spiritual journey (and man, sounds like you took a huge step), or we need to be comforted in some way, and they know they can help us.

The former case is my experience, though not nearly as dramatic as yours.
When I really started to learn to quiet my mind, and just absorb my surroundings, my spirit guide introduced himself to me, just in an internal audible way, but with words and insights that I knew were not mine. He doesn't speak or think the way I do, so I knew it wasn't just my self-talk. He'd been talking to me for some time, helping me out with bits of good advice from time to time, I just didn't realise who or what he was. I talk to him from time to time, even if it's just to say hello, or to apologise for ignoring him when I've become too self absorbed in little things. He never seems to mind, and will often tell me something that either completely stops me in my tracks, or makes me laugh. As to who or what he is, I only know he is a spirit sent by the Creator, and the rest I don't need to know just yet,and he knows it bugs me when he says that (hope he's reading this).

My wife has also met hers, but at a time when she needed comfort. A few years after her mother died in a terrible car accident (her parent's car was hit by a speeding out of control drunk), she was referred to a medium by a good friend. The medium proved very early in the session to be the genuine article when my wife's mother got in contact with the medium, and passed on a message to my wife using a phrase that was a very close personal thing from my wife's childhood, that nobody else ever knew of. At that time, with my wife in tears having a conversation with her mother, her mother introduced my wife to her spirit guide - someone she describes an American Indian. That might seem a little cliche'd to some, but my wife's English - Yorkshire born. She certainly didn't expect it, but her mother had let her know that this Indian would be looking after her, especially at a time when she needed it most. My wife knows when her spirit guide is present, and also knows when her mother drops in from time to time to visit. Both she and her sister have some gift of clairvoyance that manifests itself on occasions.

James S
(Fate amenable to change)


Hi all, just looking for some feedback from others on some of my experiences...Ive never had much interest in this type of thing before but around christmas time last year my spirit guides made themselves known to me.There is a lot more to this story than Im writing but to cut a long story short I was doing security work at an airbase one night and from the result of some ghostly experiences I found out a workmate was clairvoyant.            the whole night had a weird feeling to it...just knew something was gonna happen and it did..I started to hear the tin roof of the work office crackling like someone was standing on it,only myself and the clairvoyant where aware of it,seemed like no one else could hear it the clairvoyant knew what was going on and told me someone wants to meet you,I was hesitant at first when a wild fox came across the road to the service counter,my workmate said to follow it so I did,the fox was leading me I tested this (cause I felt silly following a fox )by standing still whenever I did this it would stop turn around wait for me to walk to it.The fox led me to a clearing where I had an experience of some type of energy vortex coming from the ground,my hands started filling with energy and I was aware that I was holding hands with of my spirit guides! he proceeded to manipulate my arms and hands slowly and allowing me to experience some of the energy I will be working with in the future.Ive come to realize Im going through some sort of intitiation and I have been working with my guides for around 7mths gathering whatever information apealls to me,I cant help but feel I have one huge big puzzle to figure out.                                                                              Anyway this is just a little of my experiences over the past 7 mths. I would like to get input from anyone reading this..please share your thoughts and experiences!