Am I seeing auras or is it just an optical illusion?

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Hello everybody!For a long time now,when I watch people,trees,poles or power lines against bright background,I see a gray or purple-is  haze around them.And when those objects are moving,even slowly,that haze moves a bit after them,like its catching up,it's very visible around peoples heads,but when I drive the train,the power line poles passing by are also leaving  that bright trail.Could it be auras?Or just an eye problem that came so slowly I didnt notice?
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Try it with one eyes, one by one and see, if it is this the case again.
Check if your eyes are tired and in strain as the muscles can be strained - I'm saying for double vision but if your's are fine, seeing clearly and without any strain than it is not the issue. Don't run to eye check, they are idiots.
So if not then you access a non-physical datastream and congratulations. I would like to see that too. That's my take on this.
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