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Yet Another Clairaudience Topic

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Why hello, fellow Astralians. I'd like to share, If you don't mind. Clairaudience. The only conscious instances I can recall of clairaudience occurred on three occasions. I'll list these occurrences in chronological order.  :lol:

a) Bored. Decide to meditate in a dorm room, waiting for friends to come back. Hear a 'high pitched' sound. A sound with no sound. 'Someone's coming, perhaps', I think. Three. Two. One. Door opens. Hello friends!
b) Angry. Go to prayer room to 'cool off'. Meditate in a dark prayer room (this instance is noted in a previous topic somewhere in the annals of the Pulse). (Apparently) Burst out into manic laughter for a split second - then back to a calm repose. hear a sound, like a loud, low, 'rushing' sound. Like something whooshing past my ears. But it's not high pitched. Not in the slightest. Low. More like, 'vooom-voom-v-v-voom', out of sync, quite loud. Was relieved of kinesthesia and greeted with a disembodied image of someone standing at a kitchen sink (perhaps). Discontinued meditation. Left room, shaken but not stirred.
c) Tired. Sitting on the stoop near my apartment. Hear a 'high pitched' tone. 'Someone's coming!', I think. Three. Two. One. Enter a neighbour, "Hey mate. How's it going".

I can ascertain that fundamentally (at least, from my perspective), the 'sounds' herald an arrival, a presence. I'd posted a topic a while ago about the option b) instance previously mentioned. A poster had commented on it saying that it had something to do with Samadhi (heightened levels of meditation). I looked up something, and saw a piece about unexpected bouts of laughter or crying being associated with release of 'karma'. I don't know about this, to be honest. I'd recently posted something on Astral Dynamics, and Robert Bruce was kind enough to illuminate me on his perspective.

The laughter is likely related to a temporary overshadowing by a spirit entity. The audio strobing is most likely related to the natural astral projection mechanism being exploited by this entity. A tone or noise heard clairaudiently is a part of the 'signature' of a spirit being. The rushing, strobing sound you describe would relate to the entity involved. The image of your friend may be related to the source of this invasion. Leaving the room when you did was wise.

So now, I have the 'heeby jeebys'. I believe that's the technical term. The laughter could in all honesty still be related to a clearing of emotional or karmic blockages. I honestly don't know. But the sound is another story. Now that I think about it, it was low. A low sound. It's a possibility that the laughter was symbolic of a release of blockage, then after that I got a visit from Casper. So here's the lightning round.  :-D

1) Does low tone equal malevolent?
2) Let's say I was visited by a 'neg'. What would a bad dude like that want with me?
3) What did Casper have to do with making me laugh all crazy like?
4) Why the projection - and why the link to my friend?

I sure do hope it wasn't some sort of a 'neg'. I got enough friends. I don't want to have to call Ghostbusters. I don't even have their number. As a matter-o-fact, I don't even have credit - and I'm pretty sure Ghostbusters won't accept reverse charge. But in all seriousness, this has got me a little spooked. I don't like the idea of a nasty hanging around me. I've never even contemplated such an occurrence. Egads.  :?

Disclaimer: I don't believe 'Casper' to be a ghost. Hypothetically - in order to entertain the possibility - I'm going to identify Casper as simply an entity. Whether an internal manifestation, external manifestation, disembodied spirit or negative entity - it doesn't matter. It's an entity. Something I could hear coming.  :|


I experience Clear Audio all day every day
they never shut up and to be honest most of them are negs

I gave one of them a glowing white coin once and he ran off with it, then the spirit told me it was the only thing he had ever owned
and it made me tearfull. even though they seam all big and nasty they can have the minds of lost children

I think its best to just act like a good king and give them a better example if its at all possible

you can use clear audio to time travel also as its all based on emotional intelligence and once you are used to it you realise it has no limits