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Near Death Experiences of the Blind

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 Here is an interesting article that I thought you might enjoy here.

I see the "tunnel" visions often while exploring the NPR as it is. So, I'm not surprised others experience them via a NDE. But it's really unique when a visually impaired person sees them and can relay back their experiences.


Thanks, an interesting article, based on Kenneth Ring's book Mindsight.

The blind from birth NDEer Vicki Umipeg (aka Vicki Noratuk), gives her story here:

Apart from the tunnel motif, other archetypes, which are less often mentioned, but harder to explain imo are:

- Spherical vision
- Telepathic communication

These aren't cultural archetypes, so there is NO reason for them to appear in NDEs, yet they do occur frequently. Telepathic communication is the norm in NDEs, whilst spherical or 360 degree vision occurs frequently.
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the blind experience NDEs because these experiences are based mostly off culture and imagination, while dreams are based off visual memory formation. So while a blind person may not have ever seen a picture of an angel, i am sure they have been told what an angel looks like and in their own way they are able to draw up a visual formation. So researchers need to be very careful when they interrogate blind people who have NDEs, and make sure they were not just influenced by what they were told by others.