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Robert Bruce passed away

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Sad news. Robert Bruce, famous author of AP and energy work books and also former and early member (since 2002) of this forum has passed away on April 22nd.

I know he is a controversial author to some regarding 'certain topics' but I will always be very grateful to him. He was the third author on OBE/AP I read back when I started this journey (around 2009/2010) after I had finished Buhlman's first book and the three Monroe books and it was him who gave me a new and interesting perspective on AP related energy work, techniques and views. And his then still active Astraldynamics forum also helped me a lot (even knew it before the Pulse).

I think that especially his work 'Astraldynamics' is considered a classic by now among APers, or will be in the future for sure.

If I remember correctly, wasn't it even him who coined and described the very term which is a namegiver for this forum -'Astral Pulse'? (I could be wrong on this though.)

Rest in Peace, Robert. You will be missed.


Oh damn.  I was never a big fan of what he taught, I always felt he focused too much on the negative... when there really wasn't much negative to begin with.

But this is coming from left field.  :/

Does anyone know what he was in the hospital for?

Quote from: Volgerle on May 02, 2024, 13:35:50If I remember correctly, wasn't it even him who coined and described the very term which is a namegiver for this forum -'Astral Pulse'? (I could be wrong on this though.)
I actually don't know that one!  I know that Adrian and Robert created and ran the forum together for several years before the falling out happened.  Kinda sad really, there was so much potential there - as one can clearly see from the 25 years the Pulse has been active.

This is saddening. 



His "NEW" technique was and still is one of the most helpful things I have found in this entire practice here. I thank him greatly for that! I use it often! It is great for "deferring" pain! It also really taught me how to "hold" my focus and "target it", for a time being, on a single body part or any "object" in general.
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Thank you for bringing us the news, Volgerie, this truly saddens me. Some of us have a hard(er) road to hoe than some others of us but we work as a Singularity and the loss of Robert's presence ground level will be felt by us all. He filled a unique and important niche. I appreciate his work and Service and send him love as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.


Thanks for the links Volgerle. The DeMarco link has some especially insightful comments on Robert's life and work. Having read several of DeMarco's books, I can also recommend him; as well, his work as a publisher at Hampton Roads Publishing.

Sad news. I have three RB books in my collection- Astral Dynamics, New Energy Ways and Psychic Self Defense. AD was the most current publication when I found time back in 2006 to reignite my exploration of consciousness and reality. Initially, I rejected the 'negative entity' perspective since it did not fit within my own personal experience, but much of his other writings both rang true and were beneficial to me; so, I thank him for that. Even now, nearly twenty years later, I have moved to a more centrist and accommodating stance on his 'negs' commentary; it is not my perspective, but I can understand it for others, in a more holistic sense of just what can be experienced.

I can wholeheartedly agree with Lumaza on the practical and wonderful simplicity of Robert's New Energy Ways methods. If someone like me, who feels utterly incapable of doing energy work initially, can experience tangible results within a few days like I did with NEW, then there must be something to it!

And thanks also for his work with Adrian in the Astral Pulse!

Farewell to a fellow traveler of the Path, of whom we shall, no doubt, encounter again.

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I remember Robert as a very kind and considerate person who was always willing to help people. I also remember him as a devoted single parent. Back then his book was not that well known, but over the years he greatly expanded his work with his typical dedication undoubtably helping countless people along the way in achieving their objectives in inner exploration and much more.

Unlike most people, Robert knew from experience what awaited him after the transition from the Earth vibration, and I am sure that even after his final OBE he will continue to explore and help others where he is now.

This forum would not exist at all if it were not for Robert, so let this forum and his dedicated work be his legacy.

Onwards and inwards Robert, and enjoy a well earned rest first.
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Wow, thanks for posting about this, dear @Volgerle
Such sad news, really.
He will be missed. He helped so many souls along the way! I'm really grateful for all of his help, he changed my life for the better. And I think that he also gave humanity in general tools for greater spiritual development. Our teacher.
Goodbye, Robert, thank you for everything. Thank you for leaving the world a better place with your life's work.


Am just reading this now. I am sorry to hear he's gone. I also read "Astral Dynamics" which is what led me here!
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