Learning Magic in the Astral World: Body Switching

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Two days ago I had a rather odd experience. People where in my room talking to me about body switching. They gave me two techniques that could be used. One involved a mirror and the other blank and blank. I remembered the second method but not the first. It seemed like they where all arguing on which I should learn first. I was interested in body switching a long time ago and I tried to find out information about it in the astral and as well on the internet but no luck.

So I started doing the second method, and I started to feel odd during meditation this morning. I would start to see visions of what the target person was doing. I also had a weird experience where I felt that I had long hair on the top of my head. Then I started to project down a road that seemed familiar to me. I got really kept out after my body become stiff. After that I snapped out of it and woke up.

I don't want to give away the mediation, because I don't want this getting out in the open and falling into the wrong hands. Thoughts on this would be appreciated. I am also keeping a journal on my computer.


Post more information. What are you trying to do exactly? It sounds like you want to have lucid dreams about being somebody else.