etheric projection help?

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can someone tell me how to go to the etheric ?i really wanna go there


Focus all of your attention on your feet when you fall asleep. This is the easiest way for me to do it. You will sometimes be startled awake while doing this and seem to not be able to speak fluidly. When this occurs, you are out of your body.


Hi jmasterx and welcome to the forums!
I was wondering how experienced in meditation you are before we start going deeper into Astral Projecting techniques?
Can you meditate until you have a clear mind and without any thoughts invading your meditation?
Did you read a few techniques to get there?

Theses questions are all related to Astral Projecting.
Without a clear mind someone will have a very hard time achieving AP.
Most commonly people will start with Lucid dreaming by luck because they ended up controlling their dreams.
Then they do meditation for a while until they can be in harmony with their mind/body and spirit.
After that you can try AP'ing for an easier way out. AP requires a lot of energy, so a good night of sleep is a good way to start.
As soon as you wake up, go take a shower, go back to your bed and lay down and try going back to sleep but instead you split your mind in half and take control via your spirit (metaphorically) you have to keep your body to rest by staying as immobile as possible and when you're used to it there's a ton of way to separate your spirit from your mind and body.
Some like to roll out of their body once they have felt the vibrations and the hypnagogic state.
Others prefer various methods. It's all about how comfortable you are with using the method stated.
For some people it's faster to achieve others it can take a very long time.
It really depends on how calm you can keep your mind and how fast you can remove your fears.
When I say a clear mind is that you have to stop thinking about everything.
Also when AP'ing it can become annoying because every time an idea cross your mind, you have to let it go instantly.
That is the reason for all my questions earlier about your experience in spirituality.
Meditation is really the key to advancing your control over your mind.
The partial becomes complete; the crooked, straight; the empty,
full; the worn out, new. He whose (desires) are few gets them; he
whose (desires) are many goes astray.


i know how to astral project i just wanna know how to get to the other side


While I'm sure his reply will finish his questionnaire, I just wanted to say.... I don't think you WANT to ETHERIC project. The etheric is horrible place full of the residual energies of those who felt anger, hate, or sorrow too strongly before death.

Screams of the dead, depression, terrible horrible visuals. It's not a NICE place.


When you know how to astral project usually you only have to think where you wanna go and you're there.
Shouldn't be a problem to go in the ethereal realm either.

Altho it's not considered a nice place, it's very useful if you want to face your fears.
The partial becomes complete; the crooked, straight; the empty,
full; the worn out, new. He whose (desires) are few gets them; he
whose (desires) are many goes astray.