First Conscious OOBE at 19

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I remember my first conscious OOBE, I was 19 and if I had ever heard of such I had surely paid no attention. To me everything we talk about on this forum was woowoo. But the day before this event I had overheard someone talking about OOBEs. I can't remember if it was on television or where.

I had work that night and did my shift getting home around 8AM. I changed into shorts and tee and running shoes and headed out the door. I usually ran but sometimes walked a 5 mile stretch then jumped in the river to swim back to my side of the river. I lived temporarily with my parents at the time. I swam back across the river and walked the short stretch home, shoes hung around my neck and clothes and hair drying in the wind.

I changed and went to my room. As I stretched out on my bed what I had overheard the day before came back to me. I remembered all the strange events I had been through ever my entire life and wondered about this OOBE stuff. I thought it was pretty silly to think you needed a body of any kind to go exploring in the other places. I had done so since I was a kid and didn't need a body but maybe...

So I turned over and said okay, let's do this and out I went. And this is what transpired that day.

I looked up at myself floating near the ceiling. I was wide awake. I was also looking down at myself lying on the bed fully conscious of both perspectives at the same time. I thought okay let's go outside and out I went. I left my body lying on the bed and turned to the window floating out easy as pie. I looked around and everything was exactly as I would expect it to be. The sun was out shining brightly, everything was in place so I floated up and began cruising around and just seeing everything from a different perspective.

I thought, well this is fun so where do I go from here. I know I'll go to England. No particular reason it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I flew over land and lot of water and found myself in England. There was a beautiful bridge there so I went closer. I saw a man beneath the bridge smoking a cigarette. I wondered if he could see me like I had seen myself back home.

I think he did sense my presence but am not sure that he actually saw me. I watched him a bit. He was wearing light colored clothing. I remember thinking underneath bridges might not be the best place to hang out and that he might should leave. I studied the water which was somewhat muddy and the stonework of the bridge. Then decided I should probably get back home and get some sleep. I returned home and found myself lying just as I was when I left.

I was impressed at seeing myself return through the window and impressed at seeing myself lying there casually waiting. I rejoined my physical body and lay there for a while thinking "how amazing".

After this experience I tried repeating it a couple times but honestly didn't know how it happened in the first place. Of course life happened after that and I soon moved on from even thinking about it. I was not to have another experience quite like it until after I joined this forum some 30+ years later.
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This sounds very familar to me.  I was similar as I experienced my first conscious OBE when I was around the age of 22.  Mine was very uneventful as I popped out the head.  I took a walk around my condo and than crawled back into my body.  This felt very natural and I really didn't think too much about it at the time.  This was before the internet so I couldn't easily do research!  (Yes, I said before the those young ones here)!  Here I am over 30 years later and just starting to make some progress!  :-D
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If I must pinpoint my first conscious OBE, it was at the age of 23. I had experienced NP events since the age of 4, but not understood them nor placed them in relative context to one another; the jigsaw puzzle was just too large at the time. By 23, I had read some books and gotten some perspective but the 'natural ability' had apparently left me by that time. For some reason, at this time, I had a similar experience to both Nameless and T-Man; not much beyond just being aware of my 'etheric' exit and going 'out', chasing a lucid dream element.
My experience wasn't as thorough as either of theirs, but it was a confirmation of all I had read of the theory leading up to that point.
And yes, a mind-blowing event!

But like Nameless seems that the early twenties and PR Life intervenes and we forget about all this for awhile...
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 My first conscious OBE had occurred at the age of 12 years old. It was terrifying!  :-o

I had spent the day working with my Father at his company. A tractor trailer came in loaded with boxes for the company and he and I set out to unload it. He got a phone call, so I continued to unload it myself. The boxes weighed an average of about 25-30 lbs each. There was well over 100 of them in the truck. My Father's phone call went on for awhile so I continued the work myself. He was shocked to see that I had almost unloaded the whole thing myself. That was a lot of work for a thin 12 year old to do.

That night we got home, ate and about 6;00pm I went to bed. I was so exhausted I just fell onto the bed and was out cold. The next thing I remember is I am paralyzed but aware. My body feels extremely heavy. I managed to slither from the bed to the ground and now I was nose deep in my the shag carpeting of my room. I started to scream, but no body came to help. I was terrified. The next thing I know, it is morning and I am waking up. I asked the people in the house why didn't they come to help me. They looked at me puzzled and said they never heard a thing. So, I never pursued it any further. I remembered it though. It was one of those things that you never forget.

The next time I had a full completely conscious OBE was my 3 night OBEathon that I had was back in 2011 and that led me to this Forum here. I do have very vivid memories of being "touched" in my sleep. It was always my feet and legs. That was terrifying too. But I figured it was normal because no one else really talked about it. Many times when I was very young, I remember going up the stairs in my home to my bedroom while being chased by a a car. It was the same way constantly. For some reason I felt like I was going to die in a car crash and for that reason I have avoided being in cars for most of my life. I was always a Van person. I travelled for years across this beautiful country here in a Van. The Van was equipped with a bed, table, all kinds of goodies.
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Yes, these are remembered forever. It's interesting that some people observe their sleeping bodies like you did, but I have never observed that. I have never seen my body sleeping. I guess maybe because I never asked to see it. I also have never experienced the lifting up during exits. I always find myself already in the NP or during vibes, I imagine myself standing up and I find myself standing up on the other side and most times not in my physical room, but already in another location, most often in my childhood home. Maybe our thoughts on how the process works, leads the experience including the technicality of refocusing.
My first conscious OBE was at the age of 27 after applying the visualization technique of William Buhlman for 3 weeks. I almost could not believe it, as I had been trying for a decade to separate during the day just by laying for a long time, and imagining I am lifting up, quieting my mind, completely taking my attention away from my body, etc as Robert Monroe's books suggested, but never succeeded. Finally William Buhlman's visualization technique done as falling asleep worked for me and one night I was awaken during sleep paralyzed and my head buzzing like crazy. I imagined flying and instantly I found myself going through the ceiling. I ended up on the roof, just standing there and feeling ecstatic realizing what'd just happened. I flew around the neighborhood, it was unbelievable. I remember all of my OBEs just like I remember vacations in the physical world. Pretty amazing.


These are such cool stories! The first time I know this happened to me was when I was either 17 or 18. This was the late 90s, and the wild west of everyday folks having personal computers and the internet in their homes. There was some sort of "esoteric" type website that I became pretty obsessed with. I can't remember the name of it, but it was all about psychic and paranormal stuff, energy work, astral projection, etc. I read all sorts of things about using your "energy arms" to pull energy into your body. On this one occasion I was doing whatever "energy work/meditation" I had learned on the website, and essentially --and somewhat accidentally-- lurched myself up out of my body. I basically threw my arms out, trying to hug someone I really missed, and next thing I know, I turn my head to the side and notice I'm floating slowly upwards. I was very calm and everything felt so peaceful. I was like, "Oh, I'm out of my body right now", like, ho hum, very mundane observation. I hadn't been technically *trying* to leave my body at that point, but in retrospect I had obviously achieved The State, unbeknownst to me, and wound up throwing my energy arms out (again, unbeknownst to me!) and that's what did it. I floated slowly up and looked back up to the ceiling - now it was like my nose was up against the ceiling of my room. Then it looked as if there were words carved into my ceiling - the message read, "love is death". Well, that was a little scary, and I started thinking, Oh no, what if I float up forever and go into outerspace and I can't breathe and I get lost and never make it back to my body! So I did what I had remembered reading on the website to get back to my body: I thought of my body and thought the word "home!" over and over. Then just like that, i was back. It felt just like waking up from sleep. I dismissed the entire experience as having all been just a dream. Too bad, if I had been keeping up the practice since then I'd be a total expert by now!!


awesome, y'all.

nameless i really like the fact that you could run home and take a swim in the river after work.
sounds so nice.

my first conscious oobe i was to young to know what was happening. i had to be somewhere between 8-10 and i was laying on my back in my dads car. he was driving us home from some mini-excursion and i was in the back seat stretched out with my gaze reached out towards the clouds. suddenly i felt my self getting closer to the clouds- leaving my body. i still remember the sensations of slowly exiting, the clouds coming closer and all of this while i was awake.

i've had some very unique in-between moments since then but a real 'awakening' in 2008 which started with strange sleep paralysis like episodes and extremely vivid dreams which i would later use as a way to experiment with the hopes to recreate the oobe. i'm 32 now... so 19-20 for the strong and concentrated batch of occurrences.


These are all great stories and sure do appreciate all of you for pitching in and sharing.
I love seeing the similarities and the differences. Brings back interesting moments we can all relate to.

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WOW... That sounds like one heck of an experience.

I don't know how you let it go, and just move on with life for another 30+ years.

I had a very minor experience (compared to this one), and I was so fascinated by it, that to this day, I am still trying to do more than remember my dreams and have a full blown NPE.

Thank you for sharing. :-D


"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"