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Have your near successes changed over time?

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I'm mainly directing this question to either those who took a considerable amount of time before their first true success with projection, or those here that are still yet to truly and have been trying for awhile.  I'm curious about how things may have evolved over the months/years during your practice sessions, that have been what you would call "pretty close."  Obviously in order to have become later excited, make a note of it, post it on Astral Pulse, etc, we would have had to have hit some noticeable 'signpost' or had something get our attention.  Are we all hitting different signposts as time goes on, or is is just the same sort of experiences for some people no matter how long we've been practicing. 

I got to thinking about this today, and decided for the sake of interest, to start a topic on something less commonly thought of on here. 

For myself, I have certainly noticed, oddly enough that my own progress is evolving somehow over the years.  At first, having recently started out and beginning to think I might have been close, I got crazy spinning.  Somewhere down the road, and still a few years ago now, it seemed to more of a racing heart and very disassociated feeling.  Eventually it evolved from that into the most recent senses of moving non-physical body parts.  I don't even have the  early signposts happen anymore.  it seems the whole process of learning truly is a constant change from one thing to another.           


I have always wondered what people meant by 'pretty close' when they themselves don't know what to expect.

Many I have come across over the years eventually have it and realise it was nothing like they expected.


Bedeekin, that's a wonderful point, and also exactly what made this topic so confusing in a way, to type logically.   :|  I've thought of such a thing myself before, but of course from a different perspective. I've thought I must have been "pretty close" before, but always wondered how one would really know if they've never been any closer.  I meant it as a very relative thing for each person, because while it's hardly the most reliable measure of anything, it's the only way I can think of to word it and compare, lol. 

Haha, I'm awaiting my own moment of shocked "nothing like I expected," realization too some day.   :-D       



I know I don't fit the bill of someone who took a long time or have been trying a long time... but I think those who have a modicum of experience can offer some insight.

I stumbled across it through Sleep Paralysis. Meditation or Phasing came much later... but gives the same results.

So from my point of view nearly being there is the moment before I slip into SP, before I would normally drift off to sleep. I used to do a 'signpost' check which told me I would have a good chance of getting 'into state'. First would be the nap I had earlier that would cause 'sleep inertia'... so I would be all itchy eyed and in a state of being where I could sleep or stay awake. The next 'signpost' would be that when I close my eyes and get comfortable there is a distinct visual sensation of deep blackness.. as though I wasn't just simply looking at blackness... but that it has 'substance'. The other signpost would be that I could create a sound in my head very easily... like a voice for instance. All this is before I have even got down to brass tacks.

I literally would have to do nothing from there on in and the very process of going to sleep would cause SP... but to keep my mind clear and free from subconscious wanderings I would use this being able to 'hear' imagined sounds to occupy my mind. I would repeat my name.. or a song.. or anything that provided me with a source of focus.

Hope this helps in some way.


I've been trying for a time with limited success. (Though that depends on how you look at it). I have been working on this stuff since about last October I guess. I still can't project at will, but have spontaneous experiences, enter through dreams, or through false awakenings. Sure, I have tried plenty of techniques and don't let myself get discouraged.

I can say that my mentality on it has hanged somewhat. I used to think in terms of how close I was getting and if I was making improvement or not. Then I compared the experiments and exits I did have. They were effortless. Sure, I couldn't get it to happen but when they happened it was the simplest most natural feeling thing like... Ever.

So I don't think of it the same way anymore. It's not how "close" I am. It's "oh boy! There's so many ways to interact with the non physical. This is flipping sweet". Haha!

I figure its pointless to be frustrated. :)
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Quote from: ChopstickFox on July 20, 2013, 21:09:35

So I don't think of it the same way anymore. It's not how "close" I am. It's "oh boy! There's so many ways to interact with the non physical. This is flipping sweet". Haha!

I figure its pointless to be frustrated. :)

I completely agree with you about finding that there are many ways to interact with the non-physical.  To me that might just be an advantage in a way of slower than typical progress, (not like there is anything truly typical in this endeavor, lol.)  Sure we may not always do what we intended to do, but we get to experience so many neat things in the process of trying.  I know for myself, I;ve certainly interacted in path with non-physical reality in my own way.  It's all pretty amazing really.  :D     


 It's akin to learning to drive.

Until you do, you just sit in the passenger's seat and enjoy the ride.

The steering gets easier with more experience, but you will also find that going off course is quite easy as well, especially when you have a momentary lapse. You will click back in and see that everything has changed.

...and sometimes you just need to put it on "autopilot" and let it go where it wishes.


Lets not forget it's a natural process and trying too hard with expectations will usually fail.
A relaxed start just staying awake and aware enough is most of the work you need to do. The rest happens around this state of mind. Once you know you're out it's all guns blazing to keep the experience lasting.
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