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I wanted to give you an example how powerful our mind is when comes to creating. It can create the most beautiful things, but it can also create monsters and darkness when there is fear.
I saw the devastations of the Turkey earthquake on the news, and last night during sleep paralysis I felt strong shaking. I thought what if this was a real earthquake in the physical and the house would fall. I tried waking up, but the paralysis was too strong. My astral vision appeared and I saw my thought created scenario playing out.  The house was breaking apart and falling on me. I managed to fly through the rubble and at that point I refocused completely to the non-physical. My senses snapped into focus and I was off to my adventure.

By the way, my adventure was most likely inspired by watching "The Chosen" series before bed lately. I ended up in a town from the first century A.D.  that very much looked like the one on the show. I was walking around, watching the people. I saw myself dressed in Greek attire for some reason. Long white and blue dress, golden belt, lots of jewelries. Then I found myself sitting around a long table with Jesus and his apostles. They all looked like the actors from the show. The way the table looked like and us lined up, it strongly resembled the last supper painting. I was sitting next to Jesus. He wanted to tell me something, but he just kept staring at me and could not speak. Then I snapped back.
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Hi LightBeam.


Wow, what an experience. I really appreciate you sharing it.

I wanted you to know I was visited by a Master last night too.

My heart goes out to all those effected by the Earthquake... Death toll over 41,000 that we know of. A sudden loss in life like that is an earthquake in its own.

Separately my heart hurts for those effected on the Eastern side of the US suffering from one of the greatest environmental disasters of our time(Palestine, OH).

Unfortunately I don't remember what the Master had to say... Only that he interrupted my regular dreaming for satsang. I believe when it comes to these kind of encounters, the message is delivered either way.

Prayers for our people and our mother Earth...


Thanks, Tides! I also believe that messages are received in many ways whether we observe them consciously or unconsciously. The knowing does come through somehow.

I read that the Earth's core had stopped spinning and is slowly starting to spin to the opposite direction. The scientists are saying that this change of rotation happens every 70 years or so. I don't know if that is a contributor to the earthquakes. There have been more strong earthquakes throughout Europe recently. Very concerning. And for some time now they have been talking about poles reversal, which also happens in cycles. If during the reversal Earth stops being protected by the electromagnetic field, we will be in big trouble. But humans haven't been present long enough on this planet to know these phases, and we are not technologically advanced to do anything about it. We'll have to take whatever comes our way. Part of the game.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


So much to talk about!

That was a great adventure LB! You converted the Sleep Paralysis hypnogogia into a much more relevant and true NP experience! That is a difficult and very expert show of your talent!

Tides, like LB, you were/are aware that a message was being communicated in your experience. Oftentimes, these messages come through silently and on subconscious levels; I have had many myself, and they can appear quite frustrating and difficult to understand at first. Like LightBeam said, we just have to trust in the process and that the message was delivered at the proper energetic level. This process has become increasingly apparent to me over many years now. I think that the fact of how subtle the form of delivery is, speaks to the high degree of the importance of the message...and the fact of your ability to accept it at a higher level.

Pole reversal is a phenomenon that our current world culture is mostly unaware of. I've been wondering about it for the last thirty years. Current science seems to be tracking a sort of magnetic pole wandering of about 15-30 miles a is now noticeably different than thirty years ago...does this presage a sudden, violent shift...I don't know...who does? LB is right, a huge disruption in the pole position or the magnetic field would mean devastating consequences from solar radiation, not to mention the tidal and earthquake forces. Same thing with just a large CME or solar flare that happens to point in our direction. From a solar system perspective, we are relatively safe in a million-year time frame, but in the immediate moment, it can all end tomorrow. Crazy stuff.

Pole reversals and violent solar flares...either of these things can change our world within a day or two...besides our own warlike idiocy...

At TMI we did take a close look and get involved with the Earth's Core, offering it energy towards balance and whatever it needed to do...we performed Focus jumps to the Core, in order to strengthen it. I didn't get a complete feeling or understanding of the process, but I realized the effort.

LB, I have a question for you...I was told and have since read, the generally recognized Earth Core is iron...yet it is a giant crystal. I didn't realize that until I looked online...I didn't realize that metal could be in crystalline structure...but I guess it makes sense in a way, and that our Earth Core is crystalline...and that it may include crystalline projections that point towards certain power points such as the Bermuda Triangle. So, my question is- What areas of interest does that open up, if any?

Not that I want to get lost in a discussion of the Bermuda Triangle or similar areas of question... but this begs into discussions of possible energetics...TMI certainly encourages the energetics.

I am still finishing some Whitley Strieber Communion Series books, which have produced wonderful questions which I will contribute to the group at some point...but I have also obtained some books relative to this discussion...Earth's Shifting Crust, by Charles Hapgood (1950-ish) and Before Atlantis, by Marc Carlotto...Carlotto supposedly plays with Google Earth and lays down intersectional lines over many of the world's ancient sacred sites, beginning with the Pyramids...and tries to relate them to either True or Magnetic North...and like I have always wondered, Do they line up? His answer is NO, they don't...and the reason why is that the Pole has changed over the Millenia...I will read it but don't pretend to have the necessary math skills to verify, so at some point, I will likely defer to LB, Nameless or Lumaza, whose mathematical skills and opinions I greatly respect,...that will have to be a discussion between me and them...

These books discuss the ideas that shifting crusts and poles have occurred several times over the last 200,000 years and each time, wiped out the current level of humanity...that is, we start all over...and somewhat sadly, I think that may be right...
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EV, you are opening a huge can of worms lol

You guys should watch the movie "The Core". It's directly related to the topic. IT was made a while ago but it's very entertaining.
I love doomsday movies. The last one I saw in the theater was "Moonfall". Highly recommended.

There are many ancient pyramids around the world, some buried or covered with vegetation. But not all are alighted to the cardinal lines. The great pyramid of Giza is slightly off, but that may be due to the shift since then. I think that the pyramids once created a power grid throughout Earth. We just don't know how to power it back on.
As far as the Earth's core, there is no direct evidence what it is, but the latest data suggests that the outer core is molten iron and the very center is crystalized iron. I have no doubt that crystals are powerhouses. We just don't know how to use them.
My sister sent me an article that someone found two large crystal pyramids under the Bermuda triangle, but the source did not look reliable. I searched for more articles and they were all kind of shady. I don't know if this is true. Maybe the gov is covering up this discovery, who knows, but something is triggering the events have been happening there. It very well be crystals including the core crystal with its pointed beams of energy in certain regions on the surface. So much to think about.

P.S. I am planning a trip from FL to the Bahamas when my sister and her family come to visit next year. My sister is all about adventures, but my brother-in-law said he will NOT pass through the Bermuda Triangle lol. But we will make him. It will be interesting. We'll be on edge the entire boat ride haha.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow