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I just came across this free ebook, "Consciousness Beyond the Body Evidence and Reflections", which is a collection of essays on NDEs and OBEs.

Free PDF download:


Reviews of it:

"This remarkable book serves as a metaphor for the current status of this enigmatic field – the efforts of psi researchers to transcend and expand mainstream understandings of living systems. 'Consciousness Beyond the Body' is unlike anything I have read in the parapsychological literature and it is especially needed in order to understand the 'how' and 'why' of OBEs."

– Professor Alejandro Parra, Ph.D., Faculty of Psychology, Universidad Abierta Interamericana

"It is a rare pleasure to read a book on the out-of-body state from a variety of different perspectives by experts in the field.'Consciousness Beyond the Body' not only shows how collaboration between renowned authors is possible, it also provides an exciting glimpse at what such a collaboration can accomplish. From theory to practice and controversies, 'Consciousness Beyond the Body' provides a rich and up-to-date account of out-of-body states. Anyone with an interest in these mystifying, yet universal experiences, will find this book of great value. I highly recommend it!"

– Frederick Aardema, Ph.D., Research Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Montreal

"Having spent a considerable amount of my time personally researching the OBE studies of Karlis Osis and Alex Tanous, I can thoroughly appreciate the depths and complexities of studying such phenomena. The evidence on the whole suggests that perhaps these experiences are not purely internal processes. While in an OBE, in some cases, it appears that information is obtained by some aspect of consciousness leaving the body – information of which the percipient would not have otherwise known about by using conventional sensory means. 'Consciousness Beyond the Body' is a welcomed anthology of varying contemporary research on the out-of-body state and first hand experiences, which I believe will be great use to scholars and students of today."

– Callum E. Cooper, Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes, University of Northampton


Thanks Orian!  Definitely a must-read!

And I see one of the reviews is Fred Aardema! 
He used to be a moderator here under the name Major Tom.  :)


You're welcome.

I was looking for a book like this, that deals with the subject scientifically.


Quote from: Xanth on September 02, 2023, 09:54:30Thanks Orian!  Definitely a must-read!

And I see one of the reviews is Fred Aardema! 
He used to be a moderator here under the name Major Tom.  :)

A very well respected one as well. Fred went on to form his own Forum called "Explorations in Consciousness". the same name as his book. I had great conversations with his him there in his "Chat window". Unfortunately, he closed the Forum. Many of the longtime members from the Pulse were members on his Forum too.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


EIC was my favorite online watering hole for years, I moderated there for a time before Fred decided to close shop -- one of the saddest days of my life. I would love to see him bring the boards back one day. Thanks for the PDF, Orian, and the encouragement toward it, Xanth. I will certainly add it to my READ pile.


I finished reading this one the other day. 

It's fairly good, some chapters (which are all written by different researchers/authors) are better than others, but they laid out the theories, evidence and personal benefits in a very easy to understand manner. 

I REALLY enjoyed Robert Waggoner's chapter.  :)

My only beef with it is the perspective they took - even though they did mention several times that we don't REALLY know what's going on yet, but they kept expounding upon a materialist-perspective of consciousness.  Didn't like that much. LoL

But definitely worth a read!