About 7 years ago an OBE

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First of all, HELLO everyone! I go by many names; bloopnation, starlight, Ann, damerringo, and just generally happy to be here among you fine sentient beings.

7 years ago (after being interested in Bob Monroes trilogy and hanging out in deoxy.org (anyone remember that site?) ) I had me a little OBE.

I 'got out' went BACKWARDS out into the sky, saw my house, farther backwards- saw my state, farther backwards saw my country, then saw the EARTH, farther backwards I saw the Earth beyond the moon, then something happened.... the Earth was then "enveloped" with a grey, hazy smokey haze. It completely covered the earth from sight... and the only thought I had was :

They (whoever they were) do not know we are here, we are hidden, no one can see us, no one knows we are here.

Anyone know what that was about? 


It does suggest we as a collective are not ready for accepting the wider reality.
There's no smoke without fire...
Perhaps your general attempts at communication on this topic have been poorly accepted or so selective only a few chosen ones with the open mindedness required are available. This may have created a wonderment as to when the art will be accepted so the human race can expand its awareness.
Perhaps a tad of frustration exists in the mix.

The subconcious reaction to this could easily be as you experienced.

Do you think the above a possibility?
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.