I asked to see God

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Quote from: LightBeam on March 26, 2013, 23:58:02
But now that I have gotten more skilled, I can actually schedule specific projects. This one was on my list and I got there. But I have so many other things to explore that I don't want to waste opportunities. Not that it's not worth it, but as you said I feel content as I am and it is not my time yet to get lost in the infinite timelessness. As of now my proprieties are filled with healing sessions.
Thank you for posting this LB. Beautiful. I like this comment by you as well. I had not considered making a project list regarding AP but this seems like a good idea for me. Like a 'To Do' list.
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Thanks, Nameless, since then I have completed quite a few of these do do list adventures. It feels good to go back and evaluate achievements. Thanks for bumping this post! It brings back good memories  :)