How I Got Out For The First Time

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QuoteFirst of all, I ain't a native so please tolerate my English a bit  grin
Dat first line... :D Like szaxx said, your english is actually pretty good! You in Australia by any chance?

As for you experience, that is quite amazing! I definitely think you actually got out, judging by how you were able to move around.

And you know, if anything, your story is what has inspired me to try again soon, tonight maybe! :) Good luck in future travels, there is a lot to learn my friend. ;)
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Quote from: Szaxx on September 17, 2015, 11:43:13
Welcome Saksare,
Your description fits quite well. The closer you are to the sleeping body the more 'interference' you can experience.
As you had noticed excitement affected your experience, this is normal too.
It would appear that trying to heal someone can only be done by those with experience. That is obvious lol. If you  haven't mastered the skill in the NP, you may have been unable to access his home for this reason. When you think about guides looking after us, it speaks for itself. You don't hire a baker to do your plumbing lol.
The beats only help relax you and at best put your brainwaves into the correct frequencies. They help by removing interfering noises too.

Your mission was driven by intent and you never doubted yourself. This alone is a great help to any attempt. As thoughts manifest, yours were precise and you successfully made the exit. The mission may require more learning on healing. That's the only part you missed out on.
Great try.
Your English is very good too.

Hello Szaxx!
Thanks mate for coming up with answers and trust me they really helped me. I tried again to AP but didn't make it. I think I am over excited by the amazing experience. It would definitely take me time to master this thing and do it whenever I want to. I am working on it and I have no reason to disappoint me after my first experience. Wish me good luck.. Thanks again for guiding mate.. :)


Quote from: personalreality on March 14, 2010, 21:53:15
While I grump and complain, I also have a philosophical understanding that all is as it should be.  People have lessons to learn and this seems to be the way they do it.  I am learning to stop being judgmental and to accept that others have their path for a reason.

I just had a similar conversation with a friend of mine who naturally has OBEs and talks to entities (i.e. guides and angels). We tend to use our small perspective on how the things should be. We seem unhappy but many people succeed in the system like this, therefore it must be working. Although it may seem that things are going to the dogs, it's a work in progress. We are not there yet, and judging the day before the dawn may be unwise. This is my personal opinion; an opinion of extremely grumpy and judgmental individual :-D :-D


That was pretty detailed post you wrote. I hope you wont stop there , because if you liked that, that feeling, that drowsiness when you are transitioning from physical to astral state there is so much you can enjoy more. I guess you went through the vibration stage of the projection, how was it for you? When i first got in that stage, it was one of the weirdest things in my life. Fear, peace, power everything just hitting me at once. I am trying to look remote and trying to write that down as soon as i wake up. Still trying to perfect that tecnique  :-)



I noticed something on pg 14 that you quoted me from about a "fuel tank", and I will say (since I haven't yet gone back and read what I actually said originally), I defer to Xanth always.

Xanth's perspective has so many similarities to my own that I am fully comfortable in letting him speak for me in most cases.

However, I'm gonna go read that page and see what I said. It's been several years, so many I have a different perspective now.

To everyone else who has found this to be a useful post, I'm very happy about that.
be awesome.



I didn't see that post, but I'll give you my perspective on what I suspect you're talking about with Xanth...or were last spring, lol.

In my out of body experiences I could only ever maintain the state for a limited amount of time, a few minutes maybe. So, an easy analogy was to express the experience as something running on energy or "fuel". If you have enough energy available, you stay out longer. In a sense, that is true. But perhaps not in the sense that was expressed in my post. We can still use that metaphor, but now your fuel tank is more like a measure of control that you have over the focus of your perception. So it's not something that you fill up regularly with some ambiguous energy. Rather it's like a power generator that your fill up and will keep running with minimal energy requirements.

I don't like this metaphor. Scrap it.

It's just about practice. When you first start these expeditions of the mind, your focus of attention is habituated into your normal, everyday physical perception. Because of this, it's harder to keep your focus on the so-called "out of body" perceptual experiences. However, over time, and with practice and repeated experiences, maintaining your focus on the "out of body" perceptions becomes easier. it's not a function of energy, it's a function of ability. once you learn it, you'll be able to stay out practically indefinitely if you so choose. of course, if you stop for an extended time, you'll have to "refresh the fuel tank". but it will come back quickly.

So trust Xanth.
be awesome.


Thanks for this - I've been trying to astral project for a few years now using various techniques so I'll give this one a go :)


So how are you doing now with ap?   It's 10 years later. I will try what you prescribe.  I've known about projection since about 1964 but the fear...!   Thx to the web there's lots of reassurances so I've been working that angle. I guess the fear comes from the small conditioned human mind.  I like to think of it as the ox cart. LOL  What I read now is the fun people have, the resistance to coming back to body bc of the loss of freedom, and so if all this is the case and these people operate just fine oob then I'm going for it in a much more confident fearless attitude.