Accuracy of Real-Time OBE

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Greetings Malcolm!

First of all, I am of the opinion that your questions are very good and topical ones, and perfectly fine for public asking and discussion.

You can be sure that people will only divulge that which they wish to

Out of Body, you can travel anywhere in the Universe at the speed of thought, which is much, much faster than, for example, the speed of light. In general terms though, whether travelling on Earth, or in outer space, it is still necessary to have proper navigational skills to visit a specific destination, unless you have a very strong connection, e.g. emotional, with your destination.

When you project, assuming you do not project straight into the Astral, you will in fact project into a "buffer zone" between the actual physical and the Astral - although many consider this zone to be rather an extension of the Astral itself. As such, you are in a realtime "reflection" of the physical, but because of its association with the Astral, is still fluid, and susceptible to "reality fluctuations" caused, for example by visualisation, ones powers of which are vastly greater in this dimension of reality.

As for Out of Body sight seeing - it will be interesting to hear of other peoples experiences of these, here.
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Regarding the real-time zone, I think there's a
little more than meets the eye. I do believe that
the real-time is objective to a high degree, and
the only way I can demonstrate this to you is
through Near-Death Experiences. Most NDE reports
seem to co-incide with events that really happened
in the physical. I think there are two aspects
which determine the objectivity (and both are not

One, you need to have lots and lots of energy, ie
you must have a powerfully-generated astral
double. Regardless of reality fluctuations or not,
it still is quite hard to stay in the RTZ for long
(in my experience I can't stay more than 5-10
minutes without losing it from exhaustion). This
would explain why NDEs are so objective -
according to popular theory the etheric body is
ejected in an NDE, which is the "generator" in a
sense - ie, you're not projecting with a weak

Two, you need to be adept at concentration. It is
very easy for a wandering mind to become
enraptured with anything in the RTZ, and generally
be put off the initial set objective. As an
example, I wanted to fly to the moon, but I got
distracted by fighting going on at the river
nearby... my curiosity got the better of me, and I
got invloved in a riverside brawl which, although
quite fun, put my off my objective totally.
Additionally, I think it's very possible that the
brawl was not a reality fluctuation, but a dream
(my own or someone else's). ANYWAY, the point is
you need to concentrate and ignore anything that
is not of relevance to your "mission".

Hope this helps you, butI doubt it, I'm more
confused than before I wrote the post... ;)



As a followup to this, I am interested to hear if people have tried, and indeed experienced any success, while in the RTZ, in moving away from your body some distance, stopping, and trying to "draw" more energy from your physical body to prolong an RTZ projection?

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Hi all,
I just signed on. It is very possible to meet as a group and compare notes after a meeting in real time. About a year and a half ago (when I was active in an e-group), we had regular monthly out of body meetings. Many reported back to the list the next day and compared experiences, and comfirmed our meetings. Our best experience was at Stonehenge, where many of the members had excellent recall of our experience together. Another visit was to the Red Pyramid, oddly we all experienced strong winds and stormy conditions in the real time plane. This disrupted our meeting. Off planet group meetings have also been successful, but some members had no recall.


i would think that if you tried to project to one of those sacred places that you would find out why they are sacred. i heard that there are  guys who are drilling some  that pyramid right now.  i think are going to get a surprise.  i havent been following it and don't really know too much about it,   they  may have even gotten through.  as attractive as those places are, i would stay out of them myself.

i'm just as curious as you are about those and if you do get through to some place like that i would love to hear about it.


Hi. I've been curious about something for a very long time. Is it possible to visit places around the world (while OOB) that are off limits to the physical body? And, more importantly, how accuarate is the environment that is perceived by projected double? For example, take that room behind the ganterbrink (sp?) shaft in the great pyramid. If one were to go up the shaft and pass through the "door", would they really see what is in the room on the other side? Is it possible to explore the mysterious sites of the earth (and solar system) without one's belief system getting in the way? I realize that it is perhaps unwise to discuss such things on a public forum. I will therefore only ask if it is possible, without asking for the results of anyone's experiments/travels.