Haunted Voices Radio - Radio Interview with David A. Warner (Out of Body)

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David Warner

Hello Friends.....

For those who are not aware, since 1987 I have been active in researching and experiencing out-of-body consciousness. If we have the ability to shift our consciousness to another plane level or life ends at physical death. Over the years, I have documented my experiences, experiments, tests, video, interviews, and studied religious and skeptic views on the subject.

The last four years I took a leave of absence from radio guest interview scene to focus job relocation career with my wife Katie and personal battle with alcohol.

So tonight at 9:00PM EST / 6:00PM PST I return back to the guest hot seat to discuss my current book / web and other projects. In additional, to discuss my continued research of out-of-body consciousness.

Thank You - David A. Warner

Radio Show
Archive Interview for download 04-25-2017

For more info: info@invisiblelight.us

InvisibleLight - Book Release 12.12.2012