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Er, I'd hardly describe this sound stuff as a breakthrough. All this was started in the late 60's early 70's. :)



I am very sorry!
The tile of my message, BREAKTROUGH TECHNOLOGY,
was misleading.

The start of this technology was in 1972, I think,
when a guy called Gerald Oster found out that when
you send one tone of one frequency into one ear and
another tone of another frequency into another ear
(located on the other side of your head), the brain
starts producing large quantities of brain waves
with a frequency of the difference between the 2
frequencies(210Hz and 200Hz makes 10 Hz). It starts
in the olivary nucleus and spreads so your whole brain

Robert Monroe of the Institute of Applied Science experimented
much with this technology, and I understand it so, that one
thing he did with it, was to get into a deep brain wave pattern
so he could have an OBE. The Centerpointe approach was available
to the public, trough their Holosync-technology(which they
have improved; they have also improoved their litterature)in 1989.
The Centerpointe approach is, as far as i know, uniqe with
their system of lowering carrier frequency. If there exists
other organizations which sells this technology, i would be
happy to know, but Centerpointe was the first that used this
system of lowering the carrier frequency, and I doubt that any
organization has a more professional way of dealing with this
technology, or that the litterature they send you is better,
more informative, more enlightening.

There are alot of sound tecnology out there, but technology
which creates auditory beat patterns in the brain, probably is
the most important.

If you are interested in superlearning or the Tomatis Method,
I can tell you that Centerpointe will send you CD's which
with you can superlearn and enjoy the effects of the Tomatis
Method(high frequency sounds, bla bla).

Once again: I am sorry for calling it breaktrough technology.
I realize that it was a stupid title(though, maybe effective).
But, the important was that you read the message.
I will stop scribling now.


Hi Noradrenalin,

the "breakthrough" is a very natural, long known phenomena. The mind very easyly adapts to the hemi-sync signals and the carrier frequencies and the effects wear off. If you look at the Monroe hemi- sync frequencies, you can see that they use a very sophisticated setting to prevent this effect. To refer to a simple lowering of carrier frequencies as a  "breakthrough" is more a  "breakthrough" in marketing. The same counts for the free level if you win 10 new customers.  And of course this applies also for fact that you have to pay 159$ for each of the 12 following levels. Very high price I guess even for very good Brain Wave technology.
I hope it´s worth it!? By all the adrenaline you poured into this forum I guess, you are desperate for the next level?

Bye Helmut


How about this for a crazy idea? Let's all put our brains into generating large quantities of the Shuman Resonance brainwave frequency and then the global consciousness will connect itself![:P]

N.B.-The Shuman Resonance is an electromagnetic frequency of about 8Hz(I think) that the planet constantly generates. Sort of ties into a global consciousness theory (I got it from Lain so if it's wrong then okay fine I didn't make it up [|)])

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

No amount of rigorous training, sitting and doing nothing, and clearing one's mind can help a man who hasn't overcome his doubts.


I didn't know the Monroe Institute used
special frequencies that doesn't make the
effects of the technology wear off, due to
adaption. Thanks for the information.


But, the effects are not the same.
I think Holosync is much better, and it
is not about the experience, but the effects
of the experience.


Hi Noradrenalin,
its difficult to judge a system from the outside and even more difficult to compair two systems you don`t know both by experience.
Let us know about your progress with holosync.
If you want my expertise on the holosync technic, send me some clips.wav from the holosync cds (2-4sec each) by e-mail and I can give you a detailed comparison of the two frequency technics used. I´ve done some research on the Hemi-sync frequencies, so it would be interesting to compair.
I am quite aware, that holosync also uses subliminals, but this is  another story.



Hello Helmut!
Odd, your letter was so...friendly.
I feel so glad that I am a part of this community.

I am in a rush right now, but you can find
a demo of Holosync on

Don't think the demo takes you to delta, though.