A personal discovery regarding astral vibrations

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I have been into the idea of astral projections for quite a few years now; and have had success to the point of staying out for a few seconds and back in as soon as i realize I'm' out.
however most of the time I try, I still have problems bringing on the vibrations and therefor cant get out. that is until now! I have discovered something, that brings Very intense vibrations for me. and i hope this is a help to you here who have trouble bringing on the vibration. I tend to meditate, or at least try to on a daily basis. Meditation didn't seem to work for me. anyway a few days ago, I went to a local area, Symphony orchestra concert. During the concert the Vibrations started; and when I went to bed later that night they appeared strongly. The next time i tried oobe after that, I didn't listen to any orchestra music, and had little weak vibrations. I have started listening to Orchestra music before i attempt oobe. And every time the Vibrations appear faster, and more intense. I dont know what orchestra music has to do with vibrations, but for me it seems to bring them on.  since i think Vibrations are a key part; there's one thing i think I can say for sure. at least for myself
                                                              BREAKTHROUGH   :-D