What's the difference in Remote Viewing and OBE?

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OOB is more/highly visual state (subject to massive reality or belief fluctuations,  (less control of/for accuracy).
RV is sensual,not visual (sensual as involving all your senses, a knowing in effect and purely descriptive).

It also hard for an (most)OOBer to target a site and RV directly targets a site/siginal line for description.

It much easier to teach RV than OOB, and much easier to go into an RV session than to induce an OOB.. With RV (awake) you'll bounce around in (beta)alpha, with most OOBers their in theta (a-sleep/deeper state/less control).

I have never heard of an OOBer or RVer say either or is dangerous, nothing dangerous about either skill, just a bunch of woo woo hype


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Hi everyone!

This is a question I have pondered on for some time now:

What's the difference in Remote Viewing and OBE?

Those dealing with RV often says that OBE can be "dangerous" stuff, and that RV is not. Not that it matters to me that much to in this area (It's dangerous stepping outside your front door as well), but I can't see why RV should be less "dangerous". You are still "there" with your conciousness, aren't you? Or are you just tapping the akashic records or something else somehow?

Sorry for my babbling

Thanks in advance

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