Focus 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep

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@Major TOm : Thanks for the link, im beginning to see why more experienced people go with other methods than the binaural beats.
I just finished reading, I'm having a hard time understanding this part :
Quotelet it all go and allow yourself to fall asleep naturally with the knowledge and conviction that you will wake up later on.
Does that mean that I'm supposed to sleep " normally ", then wake up at some random point of the night, THEN try to trigger the OBE state ?

The way I see/saw things is : The OBE state is triggered just BEFORE the " normal " sleep state, since I took the habit of going from focus 1  to focus 3 to focus 10 then focus 12...Not Focus 1 to sleep to focus 10 to focus 12...
I don't know if I'm explaining myself well enough, please don't hesitate to say if I'm not.

In a more general sense : Do we go deeper in focus levels from F1 to F+00  ( :-D ) whatever the method is, or does each method have it's own " order " ?

Cheers :)

Major Tom

Hi EEthmane,

Yes, exactly as you said, fall asleep normally, and wake up later, and then go through the step sequence to trigger an OBE.

The reason is  simply that your mind will be fresher after having slept some. It is very difficult to induce an OBE at the usual time you go to bed because you have trained your mind for many years already to fall asleep at that time.

It can be done, if you go through all the steps, but it usually takes 2-3 hours, if you are succesful to begin with. Better to do it in the middle of the night when your mind has rested some.

The OBE state is triggered immediately before, or after the body falls asleep. You can call the transition into the out of body state going from 10 to 12 if you like, or any other number you want to put on it.

But it is simpler to simply look at it as the physical body falling asleep, since that after all is all that is needed for an OBE (Mind Awake/Body Asleep).

In that sense, the OBE would occur from focus 10, provided your body is indeed falling asleep.

I'm not sure whether going "deeper" is the right way of putting it. Your mind does not really go "deeper". It is simply awake.

It does move away from physical sensory input, however. So you could call that "deeper".

How far that goes, I'm not sure.

But I do know that you can move so far that sharp pain signals from the physical body will no longer enter your awareness while out of body. This seems to occur when moving beyond human consciousness, or what Monroe referred to as "beyond 27."

So there does appear to some sort of continuum there where you can move further and further away from the physical context.


Major Tom

Hi all,

For those interested, I made a little update in the focus 10 paper in the last two sections, and linked it up a bit clearer with the OBE.

For those who really want to get to the bottom of the transition process, I recommend you read my book which goes in far more detail (and not in terms of focus levels).

Major Tom

Press "refresh" if you visted the focus 10 page before...!


Major Tom

You welcome Stookie.

It's a small update, but long overdue, and I wanted to line it up a bit clearer with the Vigil method. 

Eventually, a more major update is in order I think, incorperating a few more recent ideas on the transition process, including the several different pathways by which the OBE can accomplished.


I feel like there is so much more of Focus 10 I could explore. You always want to go deeper without realizing whats beside you sometimes.
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Quote from: OOBE717 on September 17, 2015, 00:43:01
I feel like there is so much more of Focus 10 I could explore. You always want to go deeper without realizing whats beside you sometimes.
That's what leads you to Focus 12 and so on!  :wink:
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