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Attacked by a Professionals.

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i have used this and to this point i havent had one attacker that havent given upp. allthought i havent had any realy powerfull attackers yet, it is allways my first reply after that i am attacked.

in fact if i dont remember all wrong, i first read about this on your homepage[:)]


As always Tayesin, a Masterfully insightful post.  I thank you very much!

Of course, as in any spiritual work, one must begin with oneself.  I must confess, for some time now I haven't felt very loving.   What can I do to help myself feel more loving after my life has gone through a difficult and fatigueing period?  Where should one start?  

Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.


Open Mind,
I've used this method since my Kundalini raising and Oneness experience, so I think what the difference is here is that I am becoming self-realized and knowingly use the power available to me.  Before that I was using the Shield method I descibed in my home pages, and it worked for all but the strongest attackers.

Over the last few years I have come to understand that this Love method works well for the self-empowered and those who are yet to reach that point should be using a Shield that can be renewed and strengthened easily.

All I can suggest Open Mind, is to persevere with it and also use your shielding.  In the meantime continue with your spiritual growth.. I am sure it will come together and work for you with continued practice.

It is very important to really feel the Love when you do this, otherwise it may be less powerful in it's effects.

Thanks.  Yes to not feeling so Loving in these times when life is very difficult.  And I don't think we have to be Loving all the time, as we often feel different to that.  Yet, for this method to work as well as it does for me you need to feel that Love as a real thing inside you.  You know that this Loving energy is the primary energy of the creator/awareness ? So when you are astral and working with Guides/angels etc, you would feel the Love this way.  This is the feeling I use, and the more I try it the better my calling up the feeling works for me.

I just had an idea....thanks, I am going to try this method in other facets of day to day life too.  And see what changes.

Love Always. [:P]


hmm, i use different method but the result is the same
haven't met anything powerful, i admit
but normally i just drain them to their core (from experimentation), it never made sense to me to not change the attacker, and when they are weakened i "infect" their core pattern with positive energy, changing it's  structure, and give some of their energy back, rest i give back to universe
after that i set them free, noone returned
Search for the cause of self, in self
To find everything and nothing


You know that this Loving energy is the primary energy of the creator/awareness ?

Yes, I do know that, however in the past few years my time has been increasingly spread tightly thin, and I have sorrowfully neglected my meditations and AP exercises.  Your insight is spot on.  We could talk and talk, but unless I freshly experience for myself the loving primary energy from which all comes I will not be able to fill my Being with it.

It has been a long time.  Thanks to your gentle reminder, I am resolved to resume my meditations and AP exercises.

Many Thanks to you again, Tayesin.
Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.


Thanks for the replies folks.  

I am glad this has helped you in some way. [:D]

I had not thought to try and deplete the attackers energy because this method works so very well.  but, I will give it a go and report back on the results.

Love Always.[:)]


Except for in cases in such as Tayesins, how would you get in contact with another powerful medium/psychic if you wernt looking for any troble? Would a powerful evil psychic sense you presence if you were close to them and decide to have fun with you??
"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear"
          -Brian Tracy


what fun ??, he would just ignore you
to have fun you need interaction and not:
one thought
Search for the cause of self, in self
To find everything and nothing


The government stuff is weird, if not scary. Here's what I found, her name is Cheryl Welsh.

Cheryl is one of the few people on the planet the UN considers a non-lethal weapons expert. Want proof? This is what you do.  Go to te website for the United Nations Institute for disarmament research here:

Then Clink on the link that says Launch of the 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament in Geneva. Click on the link that says Media Guide (you will need acrobat reader to view). Goto page 25 of the Media Guide and you will see Cheryl's name listed as one of several experts.

The UN recognizes phenomenon connected to government mind control, it's not conspiracy theory it's fact.

If love works why couldn't the people being attacked stop it themselves?



Oh my god! there's a guy trying to kill me with an axe!!!

Oh! Oh! I LOVE JOO!!!!!!!


Originally posted by Circe

If love works why couldn't the people being attacked stop it themselves?

Hi Circe,
The people being attacked simply did not know they could do anything for themselves.  As is usually the case, people think they need to get a psychic or other spirit-worker to do it all FOR them.

Now they have been taught in one-on-one sessions, simple and effective things to do for themselves that are slowly building their own power and strength again after being depleted by attacks.

Thanks for the links you supplied, I will go and check them out.

Love Always. [:)]


Hi Tayesin

Yet another example of darkness seeking resolution (they all are, really, but most seem to not understand that). Good for you for giving it to them and then releasing them. I posted a similar technique recently, but I think you have said it more eloquently than I did.


Why were they depleted by the attacks? And they didn't they go to a psychic (you) for help? Why did you help them?

You might as well try that one too:

Shows pictures of brain implant removal.


It's about letting go of the 'victim' mentality, which people are far less willing to do than you might think.  It involves a choice which nobody else can make but the person involved.

Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach a person to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
-I don't remember.
Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.

Euphoric Sunrise

Just wanted to say that this method of dealing with negativity is so refreshing. I'm by no means experienced in this area, but it seems to me that most people try and combat 'negs' with more negative energy. It's been my experience with life in general that negative energy breeds negative energy, and so feeding negative entities with more negative energy seems strange, even if the intention is for a positive outcome. To diffuse the negative energy of the entity with positive energy makes much more sense. I hope more people adopt this attitude towards dealing with any negative energy, be it a neg or something else.
"The soul is never silent, but wordless"
* Emperor - The Tongue of Fire


Originally posted by Circe

Why were they depleted by the attacks? And they didn't they go to a psychic (you) for help? Why did you help them?

Hi Circe,
Attacks take many forms.  Many syphon off your energy through a variety of means.  Many employ tactics to not only syphon the energy, but also have the experiencer doubting themselves, their realities and abilities..which is highly disempowering when you no longer have a clear concept of who you are and why you do things etc.

Most of the people I have seen so far have been to psychics who provide old fashioned remedies that may no longer work in the raising energies we are experiencing now.  They sought help from medical establishment, mental health workers, etc.  These people have slipped through as the too-hard-basket-cases.

I helped them because I was asked for help.  And in the bigger picture this healing is my speciality even though I really don't want to do this type of stuff !!  So opportunities to work this healing method present themselves to me so I can grow, develope further and hopefully mature into the work more effectively.

Kiauma said,
"It's about letting go of the 'victim' mentality, which people are far less willing to do than you might think. It involves a choice which nobody else can make but the person involved."

Perfectly said.  It's great more people are becoming aware of how important it is to drop the VICTIM concept from our entire belief structures.

"Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
-I don't remember."

Jesus was supposed to have said it.  I love to use that quote, it says it all for me.  

Ender and Euphoric,
Thank you both for your insight and support, I really do appreciate them.  I loved that your posts were short, to the point and spot on too !!  

Love Always. [:)]


I'm posting this because I want to share with you all how I dealt with an attack of two weeks ago, and some other notable ones from this year.  My method is totally opposed to every other way you will read here or most anywhere else for that matter.

I was helping a lady who had been 'Hooked' at her local spiritual church.  After I scanned for implanted hooks the man responsible rushed at me yelling, " You don't have the right to do this."  I laughed and told him I was asked for help, he was no longer needed and could leave.  Which he did.  It works with a lot of them !

This man is the founder of a well known institute for spiritual growth in this country, and possibly others.

Later that night he returned with his mother who had trained him as a strong psychic/medium/traveller.  I felt him approach before he entered my energy field (about 40 feet radius usually).  He was very good at what he does and went straight for the weakness he could see.

While I physically felt him assaulting me through my sacral chakra, I searched for something about him to give me the motivation to Love him unconditionally.... and I found he was being used by higher/more powerful sources which really got the empathy flowing strongly in me.

Since I felt for him being used as a puppet, I could Love him easily and did what I always do when I feel it.  I pour Golden Light into them from my heart chakra, even if I am feeling fear !  

He softened in my 'arms' and I could see in his eyes the realization beginning for him that he had been used by others including his own mother.  The Love filled him and he left with a clearer perception on his situation.

Now two weeks later I have gotten an affirmation that he has been affected because he did not M.C an important Church Ordination last weekend that he would have normally presided over.  I have felt him many times since the attack, and each time I am concerned for him because he will be hit hard by the Controllers.  And maybe he might rejoin them, maybe not.

While this man is very strong, he is nowhere near as strong as some of the Controllers I have had to work against.  One was an operative for your own government's mind control programs..but, he eventually failed in his duty and was replaced.  He was so effected by this Loving method, and let's not forget he was a professional in this field.

In January I was working with a lady and was astralling to her on holidays to renew the shield I was using on her, when I was attacked by the large Thing (looked like a traditional demon) that had been IN her for 14 years.  I wrapped my arms around it and just Loved it with the Gold Light, and cut it's dark-greyish chord to the lady.  I took him into the Light to speed up his healing then removed the remains of his attaching chord.  He has not returned.

Right now another entity I used this method on about two and a half years ago has returned after recouperating and regaining his strength, but not all of it !!  He is changed !  He will put up a fight but it won't be a lasting one, as he will still have no means to combat the Primary Energy weapon we feel as Love.

Once he was a fearsome thing to see and feel.  He easily entered people's dreams and physical areas at the same time, while also harrasing me the first time about six years ago .... a powerful entity.  And one that has been reported in many places overseas, in the US too.

So the moral of this story is.....

All the other ways you could use may or may not work, and most rely on your beliefs.  'Negs' cannot be destroyed, exiled for long or anything else permanently.  But, they can be altered, from the inside with Love.  It is a profound change that happens in them and the more we hit them with it the quicker they dissolve into a more healthy and balanced being.

Try it for yourselves.  If you are in fear at the time, just remember the feeling of being loved and it will build up in you until you feel it again.  Then pour it into your attacker.  All it takes is to focus your mind in that stressful situation and effect a positive change.

Love Always.[:)]


Sorry I don't believe any of this...the people you are tangling with work on people's beliefs systems while simultaneously working on their senses. We all dream, sometimes little fleeting moments which should normally pass when we turn our attention to something else. These guys remove you from reality by trapping you in the dream and begin working on you from there (I'm wondering if this is similar to Robert Bruce's purported "Core Images"), and it doesn't matter if you have a warrior mentality and want to kill everything or if you want to love everything. They manipulate both to their advantage. And I wouldn't trust what appears on the surface either. These guys play games, and will set up anything to have you believe you have succeeded (and that is why they are professionals). Not showing up to MC a major event could be just a show. Show me permanent behavior in physical reality (ie, you have to get in to close proximity). I don't trust psychics or psychic abilities, they always end up being the loudspeaker to what these people put out. I have never met a psy that checked, rechecked, and questioned the source.

For those of you out there in the US who have tangled with the Mind Control perps, especially those suffering electronic torture, Congressman Hastert is talking to people and taking accounts. If enough accounts are taken, they may be able to open a larger investigation and light can finally be shed on this hell.

He can be reached by email at this link:

Instructions: send in a statement that you are being harassed by non-consensual radiation or targeting (or whatever) and/or direct energy that is causing whatever. Don't make it too long, just get to the point.

If you want snail mail:

Congressman J. Dennis Hastert
D.C. Office
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-2976
Fax: 202-225-0697


Hi Circe,
Firstly, thank you for providing the information to report Mind-Control attacks.  I hope some people take advantage of that.

I certainly agree with you on the intricacies of psychic attacks, and very definately about psychics who do not check and re-check their sources.  

But, many of us we have already established the means to KNOW who or what we are dealing with.  It may sound a little strange to you Circe, but, we have learned to know the difference by the Feeling.  It is not something that can be Faked by an attacker, as their intentions are clear to us who are working this side of things.  Not sure if I can put that in simpler words.

Awakenings empower us, the stronger and 'higher' the awareness is the more able we are to deal with whatever comes our way.  This is a mechaniccal process that allows us to know surely that the Being we are dealing with has certain agendas and intentions that cannot be hidden from Light.  It is really quite a simple thing to see clearly when Self-empowered.

This does not say that we cannot be fooled for a short time though, as each of us is still learning and none of us are in an Ultimate position to deal with the Darkest Offenders until we are re-joined with the Higher-Self through Oneness Experiences and therefore open to a whole lot more available energy to discern what is what and what is not.

Did I say that in a way that was easy to understand ?  I hope so.  It is such an intricate situation to illustrate with this communication we call words.  It is best experienced for each individual.

And, we couldn't possibly experience attacks without a couple of pre-requsites.  Firstly, we as a Soul must have chosen to have these experiences in this life, otherwise the Creative Source could not provide it for us.

Secondly, in doing so we also allowed an opening by whatever means we used, drugs, alcohol, anger, etc.  This too was a choice we made.. so how can anyone actually be a victim ?  Now I know this will inflame some readers !  It is jsut the way it is for now, well, until we each reach Clarity.

Love Always.  :D


I still disagree with you immensely. I've seen this for years now, and these people are con artists, big time.

And quite frankly when you start off a thread with an air of "Victory is Mine" that doesn't inspire trust in me that you are checking. There are 3 types of people in this phenomenon: the ones that are alive and trying to stay alive, the ones who were mentally, emotionally, and spiritually destroyed and are now institutionalized and lost to us in this life, and the one who are dead. This is not a joke or entertainment, it is a gravely serious matter.

For those of you who are suffering wither currently or in the past, there is finally some more good news, and you'll it here in the Sunday Times:,,2090-1313808,00.html

And for those of you who still don't believe the electronic weapons exist I suggest you try this. Go to That's the Library of Congress website. Once you get there, look under the column that says legislation and click on Bills 101st - 108th. This will take you to a page that will have the listing of all the documents of all the congresses from 101st to 108th congress. Click the link for the 107th congress. Once at the site for the 107th congress, in the slot for bill number, type in HR 2977. Now this will take you to a site called Space Preservation Act. It was an act to prevent weapons launched into space. If you're wondering why I am having you look at this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the definitions of the "Exotic Weapons" to be banned. It doesn't prove Mind Control experimentation, it does prove these weapons exist and that the government is aware of them. And if you're wondering what weapons control climate, I suggest you google something called HAARP, and look into getting a book called "Angels Don't Play This HAARP."

The CIA has experimented on human beings unknowingly and without permission in the past, and they are still doing it today with these new weapons, and so are many other governments worldwide. It can't be proved physically, so people are left to suffer and eventually die. They need serious help and compassion, not egotistical snobbery.


Hi Circe,
Thank you again for your input.  I agree that the mind-controllers have been using various mechanical/electrical tools to attack individuals with.  Some people actually describe the sensation of it as having a metallic quality or sound to it.  It should also have a signature vibration to it, one that a sensitive person could feel, much like a butterflies in the belly feeling.

I do not doubt that some peoples attacks are excrutiating events for them, and get worse as time goes by without assistance.  While this is all true Circe, it does no good to perceive what was offered here as being from an Ego for it's own benefits.

I only offered this as personal experiences that show other ways work very well indeed.. it was never meant as an "I'm so good" type of post.  In fact, it was only to share and show that this way really does work.  Nothing more was intended.

The perceptions of the Soul's responsibility in choosing to experience this comes directly from my own experiences of Higher-Self also.  Again, no Ego intended there.  Just a statement of fact to illustrate what I learned/remembered about just how powerful we all really are as great Souls.

The real difference between us Circe is only our Perceptions, we can stay confined in our Human Awareness and try to find something or someone to help us with the attacks, or do it all for us, or we can take steps for ourselves to get to the bottom of what is happening by getting into our own higher awareness levels and start seeing what is really in the events for us.

Considering that we humans are already kept confined by the powermongers so that we do not become empowered, I would think the road to recovery is the one that helps you to build your own strength and understanding of what is happening and by whom, and WHY.

But that is just my opinion and is not being forced upon you.

Thanks again for your reply Circe.

Love Always.  :D


Quote from: Tayesin
It's great more people are becoming aware of how important it is to drop the VICTIM concept from our entire belief structures.
But some people actually are victims. If you're saying that some people use a "victim status" for sympathy etc then I agree. But that doesn't mean that we should tell those that really are victims that they can somehow stop being a victim just by imagining they aren't.

You also say:
Secondly, in doing so we also allowed an opening by whatever means we used, drugs, alcohol, anger, etc. This too was a choice we made..
I am sure that if people knew that certain activities might lead to psychic attacks they would be more liable to choose not to have an attack. You can't make a proper choice unless you have all the facts in front of you and know what it is you are choosing.

so how can anyone actually be a victim ?
What about young babies or children that are victims?

Your attitude is the same one that some rapists come out with, "S/he got what s/he had coming."


Hi McArthur,
The word Victim is a human concept.  We have to agree on that much.

The word basically says that someone has had an experience where they have suffered at the hands of another person or persons.  And in the human perception this seems very correct.

But what happens to this concept when you are looking in from your own Soul level awareness/perception ??  The human value judgement no longer applies !!

That's the awareness level we made our life plans and contracts for the experiences we wanted to have here.

In terms of being Human, a baby is no less human than an adult.  And the Soul of a baby is no less than the Soul of you and I.  

So if we chose to have certain experiences in this world as the Souls we are, then that must also apply to babies and little children.. because they too are Souls just like us.

Earth provides Souls with earthly/human experiences, Yes ?  We are born to this world as babies and grow through childhood, Yes ?  We have a lot of experiences during that time as we slowly grow to adulthood, Yes ?

Okay, so we probably agree on those three points.   So now we add the input of 'god' , the creative force/Source.

All of this would not exist without the creation of it by the Source.  That means all things that do happen on this world is a part of the creation here.  It also means that nothing can happen without the input of 'god'.

okay with this so far ?

If god provides the means for all things to happen on this world, as the creative force does, then god must not make value judgements on any of it.. since It is creating it all.

All the things we say are good or bad are created by the Source we call god, even though god must not stamp any of it as good or bad when it is created.  It just Is !

Anything we humans say is good or bad, is Us putting value judgements on things.  Yes ?  

We say that child is a victim because it suffered in the hands of someone or something.  Yet, God/Source created the event in the first place !!!

If this is so then how can we make a judgement that the Source has not ??  Are we more aware than the creator/god/source, and are then able to give something a character or value judgement that God did not ?  No we are not.

IF we Souls chose to have certain experiences, and the creator/god/source supports that choice by bringing it into reality, then who the heck are we to place judgements on it ??  We Confine and Define ourselves as something so very much smaller than what we really are by continuing to look at the world and all it's events through Blinkers.

What I am putting across is nothing like a Rapist's excuse for their actions.

Most people misunderstand this because they are still looking at it from a very confined human perspective only.  

So I suppose this will remain the case until enough people have had experience of their Higher-Self.  At which time our value judgements will no longer be a reality because we will see through the blinkered-awareness layers into Clarity and see that it was all meant to be and we did choose it.

Tay.  :D

PS.  Thanks for the link to RB's article.  What makes me laugh is I am saying the same things as RB yet I get abused and dumped on for it !!  LOL  Wonder why ?  :lol:


Quote from: TayesinBut what happens to this concept when you are looking in from your own Soul level awareness/perception ??  The human value judgement no longer applies !!

That's the awareness level we made our life plans and contracts for the experiences we wanted to have here.

In terms of being Human, a baby is no less human than an adult.  And the Soul of a baby is no less than the Soul of you and I.  

So if we chose to have certain experiences in this world as the Souls we are, then that must also apply to babies and little children.. because they too are Souls just like us.

I think the center of the whole issue lies with this. If you believe in this occurance you likely side with Tay, or if not you don't, or maybe a kind of inbetween like myself.

I do believe your soul influinces your life, even if it isn't complete control of it, but there is still quite a level of chaos, based on descriptions of what happens and my own experiences.


Hi Spectral,
Good to see you around.

All this is about bigger pictures, instead of looking at everything just from our heavily confined and veiled human awareness.

Chaos is an intersting word to use.  I think I would use Free-Play instead.  It would make a whole lot more sense when applied to our Free will factor.

I see that our life's choices are no where near as confined as what we think they are, so it doesn't mean Predeterminism either.  

Imagine that one earth-life is lived on a matrix-like structure that moves along in one major direction...birth to death.  When we made our life plans we chose absolutely ga-zillions of things to be able to choose from when incarnate, so as we move along the Matrix we can make choices that will send us along another fibre of the Matrix.. even though they are all heading for the same end-zone.  What you can experience is available on the matrix-choices.. and what we cannot experience this time was simply not included in the Matrix by us when making the choices we wanted to have about Experience.  And Experience is all that life is about really.

In this way the Soul we really are has made the choices, and we as the forgetting little human aspect live it a step at a time and choose accordingly.  Just because we can only see the smallest part of the Life-Matrix doesn't mean it isn't really there for us !

Thanks Spectral.