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negs and shyness

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That makes sense to me and is consistent with my experiences in some ways, but I also felt an odd confidence that it was the other people who had problems when I was alone. It was only around other people that I had trouble, and that was mostly with people my own age. Anyone substantially older or younger was not really a problem. To some extent, I'd call it self-hatred instead of just fear.


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nice theories, and it may be that sometimes it happens.

when i was a kid (like i'm not anymore  ;)  ) i was really shy. it wasn't because of spirits or demons or anything like that. i just didn't like being with other people. i never really figured out society's "rules" until i got into post-secondary schooling. i never knew how to act within the norms, so almost everything i did do got me laughed at; so i didn't do anything. i just stayed in the background. but then, that's just me. other people may feel like they are being pushed away from others because something is "telling them to". who knows? not i. time for research!  YAY!   (what a loser i am :)  ).


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Just a thought,
shyness seems to be a common thread here. The way Kakkarot described his time as a kid sounds a lot like what I went through. Do you think that the reason we are all in this forum is a key to this? I don't really think it has to do with negs or self-hatred. Its probably more to do with the fact that we look at the world differently to most people.

What I'm thinking is that to be having the spiritual/paranormal experiences that we do means that we are all sensitive in some way (and I don't mean easily upset). I've always had some level of empathy which makes me sensitive to the feelings of others. Being a boy in school, thinking about what others might be feeling, instead of just thinking with my fists which seemed the more acceptable norm, made me the odd one out and I tended to get picked on a lot. I tended to be shy, and like Kakkarot, just stayed in the background.

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also, i didn't like other people because i saw all the b.s. in their lives and i didn't want to be anywhere near that. and whenever i did say something that seemed like common sense to me, other people just didn't get it, and i don't like taking the time to explain things. so easier for me to avoid people. that's why i am here, to talk with people who can understand me and like me or hate me for who i am, not because they don't know me.


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Kakkarot: Man, sounds just like me years back! I used to get real down when I could see what neede to be done and when I told people all they said was "yeah, right, bugger off and find some friends to play with"



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does anyone think there could be a connection between people who are shy to the point that it causes them a lot of hardship with their life, and negs? i do. i mean i don't blame the bogeys in the dark for general life trouble, but here i can really see where they could be involved on occasion.

think of it. shy people are usually irrationally afraid in many ways of just living. what feeds on fear? negs. so what might be helping to keep them down in their shy pattern or even instigating the pattern? negs. may the light expose those pitiful things that would trouble the meek.