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I won't be able to get to the desert till middle of November.  anybody got anything I can do right now to help with what I want to do?? Should I prepare by fasting right now or what should I do??


Could you explain alittle more? Why are you going into the desert and who are these poeple?


For many years I have had these people after me. They'd do anything to make me fail. I'm doing everything to make me succeed. I've read the hexes part of the web site and it makes sense to me.
Years ago there was a woman who took off the hex and spent time with me undoing the "Chains" that were holding me back. This took approx 21 days and during that time I was fasting that whole time. Since then they have found a way to put it back. The statement made on this web page that people who want to do good are the ones that have the most problems is the truth!! All I want to do is much good and I am fighting for controll over my own life. My mind is under attack my life and the lifestyle I want is under attack, and all things are happening almost the way it happened 15 years ago. they have been attacking me for the past 25 years. What I may have to do is go off into the desert and fast till the hex is taken off. I have a psychic woman who does help but right now they are attacking everything and trying to affect my life forcing me to take and make choices I don't want to make. So thats What I'm going to do go off into the desert and not only stop the hex but also learn how to keep them from doing what they are doing.

Wish me success!!