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Hi Ides
  I find it really interesting and hope that you keep track of how it helps you. I keep having my emails to you returned to me. Could you please start another account with a different server and send me the new addy?


Ok, you have a PM from me. I will take care of the email thing. Soon as I can. PM me here if you want.

On the ionizers. When we first got them, and started using them, it was the first time in months that I (or a couple other people) had really laughed. They improved the mood greatly. I also slept better, and with alot less pain when right next to it. We had it centrally located in the house.

I am not sure if there is a direct effect on the negs. The psychic who had done some work to help us, had originally talked about using an ion cannon to remove the attachment once it was "put to sleep"??, and then the whole thing (attachment) was to be put into a huge perfect crystal, which was then to be shattered, and scattered. Supposedly the 3-4 of us needed to be done at once. I am not sure if all that was true, or an attempt to through the perpatrators off of the trail. The psychic bailed after one person died, and the really bad storm hit. Just told us to pray alot.

Anyway, after doing a little research, I learned that negative ions are the good ones, and they occur naturally around waterfalls, forests, sunlight, etc..., and are generally absent in polluted areas. Also, a heavy dose of positive ions can kill life forms (mice experiments (not mine)), but a shot of neg. ions will remove the effects if not allowed to go to far. Also law enforcement is starting to use neg. ion generators as it gives people (an K9 units) clearer, calmer thinking. And supposedly a lot of the various "witch winds" that happen around the world contain high amounts of positive ions. I think we got the naming for the types of ions backwards. It is also the neg. ions that remove the bacteria, spores, pollution, etc... from the air.

OK, for the bad news. You should get one that purifies the air at the same time, not just a generator. Within 1-2 months of use, we had to repaint the walls in the room where we had a plain generator located. The walls became covered with a black "soot" that could not be completely washed off.

That is most of what I know. We have a couple of small air purifiying types now, that we have not shut off for several months. They are small so we keep them in the bedrooms where we will get the longest continual exposure. Also the "smell" (maybe just sensed?) reminds me of "energy" that I have noticed at different (but relevent) times.

Take care


Hi Ides.. I have a post in the energy development forum on the same topic. I was wondering how -ve ion generators affect energy work specifically...

Did the room seem to have more energy in it? Was the energy a better quality? Have you tried raising energy in an ionised room.. if so what did you experience?



Hi, Nybster

I have put away the large ionizers, as we cannot repaint that often, and they were not filtering. The rooms seemed to have a more positive feel, and to me it felt like I could absorb more energy when I chose to. As to the quality of the energy, I would have to call it flat. It was very sterile, without the "flavors" that I perceive off of natural and/or spiritual sources.

We are just running the small ionizers right now, but energy seems to pull up quicker in the rooms they are in. We quit using the larger ionizers about the time that I started learning how to raise from surronding energy. I had primarily used kether before that, and still do a lot.

Hope that helps. I did not really approach it from a scientific evaluation side, I wish I had now. If things permit in the future, I will try a little more experimentation that is more controlled.


is there a spacific genarator that you recomend?



No, astralmaster, there is not.

I did a web search to find the plain generators. In the USA, you can get units that put out ions, and will purify the air in a small room at the local truck stops. They are cheap, and work on AC or DC. They are made to use in a full size semi with a sleeper. You can also find ones that will clean/ionize houses, but they run into hundreds of dollars. Be careful if you get one, watch for ozone output, and if it does not purify the air, you will see build up on the walls. I still leave a plain generator running in the garage, as we were having problems with our vehicles also.

If you get a high output one, some will come with a small light bulb that is unconnected, and you can hold near the generator. It will flash as the ions hit it. It is one of the few ways to tell if they are working. That, and they have a weird electric blue light inside. It is late here tonight, but I will go to the garage tomorrow and check the brand of the ionizer that is in there. The truck stop models are not powerful enough to light the light bulb.

Godd luck


I was just wondering if anyone else has any experience with ion generators? We became aware of them several months ago, and had some good results. I was wondering if they cause problems for the negs, past creating a positive enviroment for the humans. There is a fair amount I could say about them, and will if someone is curious. Just looking for other experience(s).

Take care, all.