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Dr Dave gives good Spirit Releasement advice

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Kyo Kusanagi

From the Afterlife Knowledge Forum here :

Sabrina posted :
QuoteHello, my name is Sabrina. I am seventeen years old, and i am having a problem. An older friend of mine has directed me to you. i do not know much about the afterlife and the unknown,  
but there is something disturbing in my room, and no one will beleive me or help me. i am not afraid, but extremely effected by it, to the point that i cannot sleep in my room anymore. it opens the doors,
when i sleep i feel something crawling over me and almost about to ... do something to my neck. when this happens i cannot wake up... but my eyes are open. i feel paralyzed. its freaks me out. it also pokes at my feet and sometimes i wake up thinking someone is there, like my momn, and i scream out " What!!" and then realize nothing is there...
i never seeee it, but i hear it and feel it. once i was sleeping and i thought my cat was in the room, knocking things over. but when i woke up fully, i realized i was comepletely alone. i stood up, and then was sent into wat looked like a seizure... i dont know wat that was about... it didnt hurt but my body was spasming...  
I am desperate to know what it is. i am curious, open minded and .... that is bad because i am too vulnerable, and unable to say no to certain things. this thing bothers me tho i talk to it like a friend sometimes, hoping to... make it like me instead of trying to kill me or something. please help me.  
today i talked to a guy and he said he knew it was a demon or wat he called Incubis, and it was trying to rape me or something... im so .... disturbed by that. i dont know wat to do. please help me


Dr Dave posted :

Hi Sabrina-

Sounds like you are just beginning to experience your own rather impressive psychic ability.  There are ways to stabilize everything and to make it work for you.

First, the basic rule to all this is to just be yourself, and have faith in being yourself. If you fuss and fret enough you can transfer enough of your own power to whatever this is that's bugging you that it can be a real nuisance. It takes a lot of effort, but it is possible if you allow yourself to brood and ruminate long enough.  The solution is to realize that all of us are the products of one Creator, including the ones who think of themselves as spooks, spirits, haunts or whatever. The difference is that the ones that feel they have to be annoying are usually trerrified of being exterminated by an angry God. In actual fact, God loves them too.  

By recognizing that you may be dealing with a terrified spirit of some kind, it becomes possible to feel compassion, loving kindness, and unconditional acceptance of them, just like anyone else who has a severe handicap - like their body fell off and it scared them.

The easiest way to get rid of entities is usually to get help from someone who is experienced in sending them off into the Light. (Check the IARRT website for a referral.)  

Bruce's books deal with earthbound spirits who don't always recognize that they've died, and will give you some ideas. His "Home Study" (book 5) might help too. I liked it. However, if you are going to do this yourself, the point is to let them know that instead of being imperfect and dependent as they cling to you, trying to scare you so that they can have a wee bit of power, there is a wonderful spirit world prepared for them, and in the spirit world, which we usually call the Light, they will have all their wishes granted. God loves them, and they will be healed if they are willing to go there and have a look.  

Or you can send them to me and they can ride along with me if they don't want to go into the Light right away. I'll send them there anyway.

Notice that these are in no way negative, hostile, aggressive or harmful ideas. Instead, the thing that is needed is love, acceptance, underrstanding and a little toleration.  From a compassionate perspective, you can dialog with them and lend a sympathetic ear to their issues.  

Set your boundaries. It is inappropriate to molest you, to scare you, or to hassle you so that you can't sleep. Say so. Then offer to dialog, help and assist at an appropriate time when you can spend a half hour meditating etc. That regains your power, and stabilizes their world as well.

If you still have the same issues, get some rock salt and some rubbing alcohol, put in a metal dish and place that on a ceramic plate. Offer a prayer for the well being of the annoying infuences, and that they will go into the Light to retun to the love of God. Then burn some alcohol over the salt crustal. This clears the air by filling it with ions. You can also put small dishes of salt in the corners of the room.  Many professionals use this to clear the spooks out of their spacve after doing a depossession.

The basic truth is that you are alive and have all the power. Nothing can touch you without your permission, although thinking "I am in danger and I am afraid" is the equivalent of giving permission. So accept that you are OK for the moment, and that nothing non-material can bother you.

In my profession, I do lots of entity depossessions and past ife work etc. I'd be glad to work with you (at no charge) if appropriate. I'm available for questions etc if needed.  



I posted :

QuoteDave, there have been many instances in the past, and there will be many instances in the future, whereby others like Sabrina, struggling with similar problems, will be desperately seeking advice from forum to forum on the internet.

For these individuals, the fear and suffering can be rather pronounced, and the potential help for themselves as well as the extraphysical intruders (who are really the ones crying out for help), should they have the opportunity to receive good advice from releasement therapists such as yourself, cannot be understated.

Might I suggest that you include as your signature (on this and other internet forums you visit), a sentence or two along the lines of "If you know anyone who might be experiencing spirit haunting, possession or other intrusion difficulties, visit my website here (hyperlink here to Dave's website) for some free advice on what to do."

Then, the hyperlink would point directly onto a section of your website that includes the excellent advice you've just given to Sabrina, as well as hyperlinks to the other IARRT websites for the list of spirit releasement therapists who could help.


Finally, for the other readers of this thread, I'll like to point out that the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) also offers courses and training (different courses available for both laypersons and professional practitioners) on Consciential Therapy (CT), which includes the principles that Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) works with.

Dr Dave replied :
QuoteThanks Kyo - as usual, good advice.